Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Reason 1 Reboot: Spencer Wants to be Mayor...But HOW

Brian Spencer wants to be Mayor. 

Brian only has one MAJOR problem standing in his way.

(14) To devote his or her entire work time to the performance of the duties of the Mayor’s office, and hold no other elected public office while Mayor.


You see, Brian Spencer is a busy little beaver.

- SMP Architecture
- GB Senior Living Properties
- GB Senior Living Operations
- Lifetime Lodgings
- SOGO Pensacola
- Palafox Quarter
- Breeze Living
- B K Spencer Inc
- 200 Office Complex Inc.
- Palafox Pinacotheca
- Schematic Design
- Saboo Inc.
- Bayfront Lodging
- Northport Properties

Two Serious Questions
  1. How in the world is Spencer going to convince voters he is devoting his entire work time to the performance of his duties with so many irons in the fire?
  2. Does Pensacola really need a Mayor who uses words like Pinacotheca instead of gallery?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Spencer has been AWOL from his district for the last four years. He's done NOTHING. His attendance record at council meetings is horrible, but his paychecks kept coming for no work. He hasn't had one single town hall meeting in the last 8 years while on council. Goodbye Brian.

Anonymous said...

If you want the corruption to continue, Spencer is that guy. Remember, he has essentially been one of Hayward’s rubber stamps for the past 8 years. Please vote “NO” to Hayward 2.0.

P.S. Can someone with pull please ask Mr. Stafford to add a “HELL NO” check box on this years ballot next to each candidates name? Thanks in advance,