Monday, April 9, 2018

Buchanan Sputters Out of Gate

  • Drew was so excited about being a candidate for Mayor that he ponied up $1 for the cause.  Yeah, a buck!  He is so excited about running that he has put up less than a Circle K coffee.
  • Drew also had a slip up.  He listed the house on Florida Blanca...but used a zip of his real home in 32507
  • He has 15 donors...6 actually live in the City!! If you count him...wink wink!
  • Derek Cosson's wife donated $1.  Well, since their blog went out of business money is tight at the Buchanan and Cosson houses.
Hang in there Drew...with effort you might make it into double digits!

Nothing more to pay attention to with him!


Anonymous said...

Today he is spewing lies about being a "citizen advocate" for all neighborhoods for years. He's done nothing but attack and ridicule neighborhoods for daring to speak out against inappropriate land uses.

Dr. G. said...

True. Including the hatchery being slammed down the Tanyard residents throats.

Anonymous said...

Wow. The dynamic duo came up with a combined total of $2. He literally has no skin in the game. Drew owns no property in the city limits and pays no property taxes. He doesn't even support his own campaign effort financially. He's just hoping the voters don't do their homework and take his word about his successful (laughable) business experience.

Anonymous said...

I'll give him $5 to go run for something in Gulf Breeze

Anonymous said...

he and his lil sweater vest buddy are a joke.

dahlingECG said...


Anonymous said...

There's not enough LGBTQ folks in the city of P'cola to support this joke of candidate.

He's an opportunists at best and he IS NOT FROM HERE, but from that sh*thole of a place, Ft. Walton.

As someone mentioned, he owns NO Property in the city or elsewhere.