Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hayward Admits Failure...Redfish up for Sale!

Mayor and real estate developer Ashton Hayward is giving up after over a decade of failed efforts in Innerarity.  Below is a listing for his Redfish Harbor development.


  • 30 acres for $5,300,000 (he owes $4,758,000 so after commissions, costs and the fact that no one will pay the $5,300,000 asking price, they are just trying to get out from under it)
  • If you read the ad, of the 30 acres, 15 acres are declared wetlands!  HALF!! HALF!! OOOPS!

If you really want to make a deal, call AMFI insurance and make a deal with the lender to buy the mortgage.  I bet they take much less than rack rate, then you can foreclose on the Mayor!

Doesn't that sound more fun!

  • House for sale for a decade
  • Lot development failed
I do have a post-Mayoral suggested occupation since real estate doesn't appear to be working out.

Link to Future Potential Occupation

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Anonymous said...

Isn't AMFI Insurance company owned by the same people as Bank of Pensacola?