Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Funnies

Historic Preservation Hayward Style

The Mayor discussed historic preservation this week on the radio with Pensacola Public Information Officer Andrew McKay.

When asked about the City paving over the brick streets next to the police station and the ordinance calling for preservation of Pensacola's historic brick streets, Hayward announced that paving over the streets WAS preserving them.  No better way to preserve them than paving over them, right?

The funny thing is Mckay actually bought it.

History Hayward Style...Find a Indian burial ground...put in a parking lot on top of it to preserve the site.

Hayward...Life after Mayor

With Mayor Hayward looking to find a new career after office in November, I thought I would suggest some possible roles that he could fill .

  • Executive Director, Timeless Tanglewood - In what would be similar to the role he played in WAMMA, Hayward could be the ED of the house.  Arranging events, greeting guests, taking care of Fred's pretty things.  Low stress, low effort, high profile.  Perfect!
  • Port Director, Port of Pensacola - Heck lets face it, he couldn't do worse than Miller.  One ship is more than zero!  Nothing to do all day and a pay raise.  Perfect!
  • President and CEO, The Hayward Group - A lobbying group where his friends in Pensacola could just pay him to "lobby" for them here and in Tallahassee.  Shame to not use his contacts and it would give him something to justify dressing up every day.
  • Public Relations Director, Gulf Power - Another role I'm sure he could handle.  Explaining power outages, spinning rate cases in Tallahassee, representing GP at community events.  Perfect!
  • VP of Community Development, Studer Community Initiative - Hayward has transformed Pensacola personally!  Imagine what Quint could accomplish for other cities around the country if he had the help of the man who single handedly turned downtown Pensacola into the Miracle of the South.  
  • Escambia County School Board Superintendent - If Hayward took his magic touch from the City to the School District, just imagine the transformation in our education system.  New logos, a catchy catch phrase, new dress codes and some feel good speeches and the District is fixed.  Perfect!
  • President and CEO, Hayward Special Events - He could be your either MC or keynote on any topic, cuts ribbons like a pro and can handle a golden shovel like a champ.  Just a man in search of any event.  Photographer included.
  • Mayor, Another City USA - Hey someone must need a Mayor, right?
Move along little doggie!


Anonymous said...

I think he should go back to modeling. That way he doesn't have to speak. Ya know, he sure enough is a good talker and is so nice to your face. But what a egotistical tool this guy is. I think its silver spoon roots that ruin some people. Grover seems to have his feet on the ground. Needs to clean house though. New coach, new game plan. I'm talking all department heads gone. Clean slate, new city. Move forward.

Dr. G. said...

Yes absolutely. No more SNAFU..Communities must come together, after all, we are the big dog in this fight - 98 percent. Join together..