Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Amy Miller has Lost Her Mind. Spencer May Flip!

Someone watch Julius!  His head may spin off when he reads this.

Amy Miller is desperate at the Port of Pensacola.  She briefed Council Monday on the current opportunities at the Port since she has mismanaged it for the last four years.

She talked about the new Mexican container service and Offshore Inland.  Then she teased 3 "75%ers" she was stalking for the Port without telling them what it is.

Seriously, someone better sedate Julius at this point.  I'm not kidding!

I reviewed the lease agreement entered into with NAI to market the Port for 2018.  Miller excluded the following from NAI getting a commission (since she must be already in discussions with them)

Who's watching Julius?

Here ya go...

  1. Land lease for establishment of a wood pressure treating and export operation
  2. Land lease to support wood pole debarking and export operations
  3. Land lease to support rotorcraft aviation operation
Adding pressure treating, wood pole debarking and helicopters to gravel baby!

Clark and Amy rock!  Where's Julius?


CJ Lewis said...

What ever became of the so-called "port study"? Several years ago the City Council put money in the budget and directed a study of the potential uses of the Port. During the 2016 budget workshop, I think it might have been Councilman Spencer who asked Amy Miller about the study. As I recall, and her exact words will be captured on video, Miller said that she had not done the study because she was waiting for good news to report. In sum, Miller defied the City Council with Mayor Hayward either not knowing or not caring. City Administrator Olson sitting next to Olson did not seem too upset. Councilwoman Myers had the Fiscal Year 2017 budget amended to "again" provide for the study. When I asked Myers about the study in late 2017, she said that she did not know if the study was ever done. I politely suggested that might be a good homework assignment for Council Executive Kraher who should have been tracking the study as soon as it was approved.

Sherri Myers said...

Thanks Maren. I will look into this. Sherri

Sherri Myers said...

In 2016 I suggestion the council allocate $100,000.00 to hire a consultant to study the highest and best use of the 52 acres the port sits on, including the port. Council voted for it and it was in the budget for 2017. The consultant never got hired. Then the council change their minds and said they didn't want a port study and gave the $100,000 back to the Port of Pensacola and the Mayor to do the study. So, that is what happened with what I thought was a good idea that never materialized. Also, I would strongly object to any operations that involves the telephone production industry - the industry that gave us multiple Superfund sites. When I asked Ms. Miller about the industries she referenced in her report she said she couldn't be specific because of "confidentiality". However, I do not believe those state economic development laws apply to the members of the City Council. When I saw the term "forest" products, a red flag was raised. So, I will be watching very closely and asking a lot of questions going forward.

Anonymous said...

So.. the port is about to become a superfund site. Geez

Anonymous said...

As usual, she will say she was the "victim" or forced to do it because Olson or Hayward did not give her a choice. She always blames someone else. When she screwed up the $200,000+ warehouse agreement with Offshore Inland-she blamed Mandy Bills and Yvette McClellan for being "b!tche$" because she did the same agreement with the food freezer warehouse and it passed, but now they decide to read the contracts. She also calls Ashton the most paranoid person she has ever met and talks about how he thinks all of his conversations are being recorded by cameras or microphones. She even imitates his paranoia in front of other people.

Anonymous said...

I hope Sherri Myers does not believe anything Amy Miller tells her! Amy will lie to you and never care. She loves it when she makes people think they believe she is telling them what they want to hear, then she brags about how they fell for her bull crap and none of it will ever happen.