Friday, January 19, 2018

Hatchery Compromise

Is there a compromise out there on the hatchery?  I think so!

I feel the Mayor has the opportunity to create a WIN for our Citizens and visitors as well as keep his promises of the hatchery.

Why not consider a new proposed location for the Hatchery at the North end of the 3 Mile Bridge where the Bait Shop and Visitor Center are currently located? 


  • FWC & the Visitor Center have already had discussions in the past to swap locations for ease of access. 
  • UWF has an opportunity to hold "Ship Talks" for the public along the water's edge with a view of Pensacola Bay, along with a display of  artifacts from our rich history...I know our Mayor has wanted keep his promise of a Maritime museum for our citizens and this will be a good start & a good use of available space within the Hatchery public areas. 
  • FWC can use the existing drawings and following bridge construction the Hatchery construction can proceed.
  • Governor Scott has assured us that the Hatchery funding will stay in place.  

The location is perfect...high visibility, easy access, on the water and a perfect use in a non-residential area.


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