Monday, January 8, 2018

Did Bob Kerrigan's venom with Collier Merrill cost the City $750,000?

In the opinion of many, Bob Kerrigan has always run the Mayor.  Time and again we see his head pop up in City matters, but having never actually being retained by the City.

Rick Outzen posted the following document today.

Look how many times the Beggs and Lane bill regarding the Fish House lease debacle includes references to KERRIGAN.

Conferences and calls just between Kerrigan and Beggs & Lane

If the Mayor told the truth (don't hold your breath, he can't recall) would he say that Bobby K put him up to the Fish House case?

Folks we need to vote Bob Kerrigan out of office in November!!  We can't afford the legal bills for his petty attacks on people he may be jealous of or angry with.


George Hawthorne said...

You can probably tie many of Hayward's legal losses to poor advice from Kerrigan and Lysia Bowling

Anonymous said...

No, George, Lysia Bowling does not give advice. She only follows orders. And they are not Hayward's legal losses, they are OUR legal lo$$e$$$$$....

Anonymous said...

Kerrigan is a leach and a troll.