Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Deeper dive on Mortgage

So, as previously posted, the Mayor has a $980,000 interest only mortgage on his home that is fully due and payable as it has reached its term.

Zillow has the house listed for $1,899,000

The Zillow estimated value is $1,531,153


He also has a second mortgage with a bank that holds City of Pensacola deposits for up to $750,000.

The house has been for sale since before he was elected Mayor.

Questions that Should be Asked

  • How many mortgages does the primary lender have that are beyond the term that it has allowed to just hang around untouched for 10 months since due date?
  • If the mortgage says fully due and payable as of 10 months ago, has the Mayor's monthly payments gone to interest or principle, or have payments been made?
  • Has the past due status been reported to the credit reporting agencies?
  • Have other bank mortgages that are past due 10 months been given the same slack?
  • How would state and Federal bank regulators look at this mortgage?
  • How would the same regulators look at the second mortgage in light of the first mortgage?
  • With the mortgage due and the house hasn't sold in 7 years, doesn't it need a new appraisal?
  • Isn't some sort of principle curtailment appropriate on a refinance or interest only FOREVER?
  • Will the Mayor be going to work for the Bank owners family after his term
Also based on houses for sale on the Bayou, it appears to be overpriced based on the size of both the house and the lot.

Even if interest only the mortgage payment must be over $4,000 per month.

The Mayor makes $8,333 per month before taxes.

And if renewing this loan, do you take into consideration that he will be unemployed in November?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Special Treatment???

Imagine if you will that you and your spouse own a house in Pensacola. 

A home assessed by the property appraiser at $1,114,643

A home currently for sale for $1,899,000 Listing

Now imagine that a bank gave you a mortgage for $980,000....A mortgage that states payment is due:

"On demand, but if no demand, interest only shall be due on April 10, 2012 and on the same day and month of each and every month thereafter until demand is made for payment in full or March 10, 2017 when the entire balance of principal and interest then unpaid is due and payable in full."

Well, interest only is nice but what is even nicer is that here we are on January 11, 2018, 10 months after the amount is fully due and payable, and the Bank has not filed for collection, extended the note and mortgage or done anything to collect on your fully due and payable mortgage.

Now suppose you were the elected Mayor of Pensacola and the Bank that held your mortgage was run by one of your supporters.

Does that make it interesting?

Now imagine further that you and your wife have a second mortgage on that home for $750,000 with another local bank.

Now suppose you were the elected Mayor of Pensacola and the Bank that held your second mortgage was holding $15,000,000 in City deposits as of the last FYE.

In a second position, the entire first mortgage fully due and payable, and house that has been for sale for 7 years and the bank hasn't done a thing?

Does that make it interesting?

Must be nice!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Grover over $60,000...Impressive list of supporters

Grover had a Merry Christmas of donations from an impressive list of supporters including many Levin Papantonio attorneys. 

Is that a sign that Mayor Hayward is retiring?? 

Newest Grover Supporters:

  • Lewis Bear Company
  • All of the Bears
  • The Studers
  • Tad Ihns
  • Joe Endry
  • Ken Ford
  • LP Attorney Peter Mougey
  • Levin Rinke
  • Portofino Holdings
  • LP Attorney Mike Papantonio
  • LP Attorney Tim O'Brien
  • LP Attorney Brian Barr
  • Former Mayor Jerry Maygarden

Grover Donors

Monday, January 8, 2018

Did Bob Kerrigan's venom with Collier Merrill cost the City $750,000?

In the opinion of many, Bob Kerrigan has always run the Mayor.  Time and again we see his head pop up in City matters, but having never actually being retained by the City.

Rick Outzen posted the following document today.


Look how many times the Beggs and Lane bill regarding the Fish House lease debacle includes references to KERRIGAN.

Conferences and calls just between Kerrigan and Beggs & Lane

If the Mayor told the truth (don't hold your breath, he can't recall) would he say that Bobby K put him up to the Fish House case?

Folks we need to vote Bob Kerrigan out of office in November!!  We can't afford the legal bills for his petty attacks on people he may be jealous of or angry with.