Friday, April 27, 2018


Mayor Ashton Hayward has announced he is not running for re-election.  But that doesn't mean he will stop wasting OUR taxpayer money.

Because he is such a diplomat, he has taken it upon himself to visit our Sister city in Japan! AT our expense.

Curious how none of the pictures have hit any of his social media!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Path Forward to Block the Fish Hatchery

With the judges decision yesterday that the Plaintiffs in the Fish Hatchery lawsuit lack standing, the path to still cancelling the Hatchery lease is as easy as appealing Judge Boles decision to the 1st District Court of Appeals in Tallahassee.

A civil matter which is "dismissed with prejudice" is over forever. This is a final judgement, not subject to further action, which bars the plaintiff from bringing any other lawsuit based on the claim.
The dismissal itself may be appealed.

Grover can merely telegraph to the State his intent to void the lease upon taking office.

When I sued the City for the Line Item Reversal back in 2013, the appeal was filed and the decision did not come back for 9 months.

9 months is plenty of time to allow a new Mayor to kill the project.

Don't give up now!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Buchanan Sputters Out of Gate

  • Drew was so excited about being a candidate for Mayor that he ponied up $1 for the cause.  Yeah, a buck!  He is so excited about running that he has put up less than a Circle K coffee.
  • Drew also had a slip up.  He listed the house on Florida Blanca...but used a zip of his real home in 32507
  • He has 15 donors...6 actually live in the City!! If you count him...wink wink!
  • Derek Cosson's wife donated $1.  Well, since their blog went out of business money is tight at the Buchanan and Cosson houses.
Hang in there Drew...with effort you might make it into double digits!

Nothing more to pay attention to with him!

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Hayward and Allen...Where Are Those Rescue Trucks

I was looking at the new City Website and migrated over to the Fire Department.

The following picture is shown.

Rescue Trucks at Station 2, 3 and 4?

Pensacola doesn't roll any rescue trucks that I'm aware of?

Check out the email below to see how much he lied to Fire to win their vote.

Now Rusty Wells who he goes after in detail in the email is his enforcer.

Hayward screwed the Fire Department from day one to his last day!  With Chief Turn and Run's help!

This email was sent to the Union President just before the election.


This is a copy of the email I recieved from Ashton. I thought that everyone should see this. .......Gary

An independent study released today found "minimal issues with any outside employment" by our city firefighters.

In fact, of the 19 firefighters investigated in this witch hunt, only 1 firefighter may have an issue and it is non-disciplinary, reported the city manager.

When City Councilwoman Maren Deweese called for a "Vote of Confidence" for our City Fire Department, Wiggins referred it to staff. This effectively killed that motion. Diane Mack was vehemently opposed to this action, as well.

Just 38 seconds after the City Council voted to discipline City Attorney Rusty Wells over inappropriate emails he sent, the City Council gave him a "Vote of Confidence." Rusty Wells and Mike Wiggins were schoolmates at Pensacola High, graduating together in 1962. Wiggins "conducted" the investigation of his childhood friend, Wells.

I want you to know that firefighters are heroes in my book. You're willing to put your lives on the line and that kind of honor and courage deserves a "Vote of Confidence" and much more.

In my administration, you will have a seat at the table in the decision-making process. My door will always be open. I will not balance the city budget on the firefighters' backs and I will do everything in my power to make sure you have the equipment, training and staffing you need to protect yourselves and our citizens.

I want to thank you for your endorsement of me early on this race. I appreciate all the hard work you've done for my campaign. With just 8 days left, I hope you will show your support now more than ever. Remember, it's our city, let's take it back.


Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Drew Buchanan's "Qualifications" for Mayor..."I do social media"

The link is to Drew Buchanans resume.

Drew Buchanan Resume

It mentioned another failed business "Campfire"
It talks about his Pedicab company

Then all the social media stuff he did in the Air Force.

It is clear from his past that Drew was a worker bee, not a leader!
Drew is a social media guy, not a CEO.

Drew Buchanan would be a joke as Mayor!  Kinda like the cancelled TV show!

Cancel Drew before he has a season!  Although it would be a comedy!

The Mayor
Created byJeremy Bronson
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes13 (list of episodes)
Executive producer(s)
  • Kris Eber
  • Scott Printz
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time22 minutes
Production company(s)
  • Jeremy Bronson Productions
  • Fee-Fi-Fo Films
  • Fanfare Productions
  • ABC Studios
DistributorDisney–ABC Domestic Television
Original networkABC
Original releaseOctober 3 – December 12, 2017
External links
The Mayor is an American sitcom television series, created by Jeremy Bronson. The series is produced by ABC Studios, with Bronson serving as showrunner. It aired on ABC from October 3 to December 12, 2017.[1]
The series stars Brandon Micheal Hall as Courtney Rose, an aspiring rapper who unwittingly becomes the mayor of his hometown after running to gain publicity for his music. Lea Michele and Yvette Nicole Brown also star, with newcomers Bernard David Jones and Marcel Spears. The pilot was ordered to series by ABC on May 11, 2017.[2]
On January 4, 2018, ABC cancelled the series after one season.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Hey Edler, You Regret Pimping for Allen and Hayward Now?

Do you remember when the Mayor decided to put David Allen up for Fire Chief?

Do you remember boot licking Nate Edler of the Fire Union going down before Council and stating how David Allen was the best thing since sliced bread?

The honeymoon is over!  Everyone at City Hall is picking on Nate Dog!  Sisson, Allen, Redding

See wah-wah-wah letter below!

A few questions:

  • When will Van Sickle's "independent investigation" into Edler's allegations begin?
  • Did Sisson have to put himself on indefinite paid administrative leave pending the investigation?
  • Does Allen have to give up his vehicle, keys, cell phone and badge?
  • Does the Mayor still have confidence in these two?
I can't say I'm happy...but I dang sure aint't sad!  Boy got used like a rookie at the Palafox two-step!

The term Chump comes to mind.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Failed Businessman and Mayor Candidate Not Responsible

I recently photographed failed businessman and Mayoral candidate Drew Buchanan's pedi-cab just parked on the side of the road in the Historic District. It is always parked in the historic district.

First, should we as citizens of Pensacola allow businesses to just park their commercial vehicles on the side of the road? 

  • What if dump truck owners just parked on the side of the road by Old Christ Church?
  • What if cab owners parked their off duty cabs next to the Dorr House?
  • What if Gulf Power or AT&T parked their fleets around Seville Square?
Is this how Buchanan would run the City?  
  • Will Pensacola Energy trucks be parked randomly all over the City?
  • Why not just park the fleet of City vehicles left in the City Hall parking lot all over the City?
Buchanan already ran the Pulse into the ground.  
Buchanan has shown he is not responsible with his failing pedi-cab business.

What would dear great great Uncle Reuben think of your business failures?

Would Uncle Reuben vote for a candidate with your credentials and lack of experience?

Friday, March 23, 2018

Buchanan Starts Campaign with State Law Violations? More Corruption?

Drew Buchanan has already proven his true colors.  Below are the details on his website for his Mayoral run.  Note the date he PURCHASED it.  

03/05/2018.  Before filing and before he had contributions to his campaign account.

WHOIS search results

Domain Name:
Registry Domain ID: 2235512938_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2018-03-07T16:55:08Z
Creation Date: 2018-03-05T15:50:11Z

Below is from the Campaign Finance Handbook:

IMPORTANT: No candidate, campaign manager, treasurer, deputy treasurer, or any person acting on behalf of the foregoing, shall authorize any expenses, unless there are sufficient funds on deposit in the primary depository account of the candidate to pay the full amount of the authorized expense, to honor all other checks draw on such account, which checks are outstanding, and to meet all expenses previously authorized but not yet paid. Sufficient funds means that the funds at issue have been delivered for deposit to the financial institution at which such account is maintained and not that such funds are available for withdrawal in accordance with the deposit rules or the funds availability policies of such financial institution.

  • When was his account opened and how much did he contribute?
  • Did he do it himself?
  • Did Derek Cosson help?
  • Will the corruption never end?
I feel a state campaign finance issue has occurred.  Someone might file a complaint!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

A Great Day for Pensacola

Wow!  What a day!
  • Hayward announces he will not run again
  • The Pulse flatlines
  • The local pedicab owner runs for Mayor

In an announcement that reads like "I saved the world, including Pensacola, therefore I am done."  Mayor Hayward announced that he is done 'succeeding" for Pensacola.  Just read the last two days posts on all of his successes.  Thanks!

I bet Eric Olson, Keith Wilkins and Ed Sisson are in complete job search mode.

One clear item I was holding until the Mayor announced:

If the Fire Chief lawsuit names him in his individual capacity, and Grover is elected, could Grover settle the City's portion of the case with the Chiefs and leave Hayward out to dry personally with a suit going after just him individually?  100% of the attorney fees and risking his personal assets?

The Pulse Flatlines

In a rambling declaration of success, the Pulse announced it failed as a business.   That leaves Rick's Blog as the only blog in Northwest Florida to have an actual commercial viability.


Never before in course of human events has a business owner declared his small business a complete abysmal failure and on the same day announce he wants us, the Citizens, to elect him to run a $200 multi-function corporation.

Drew, if you can't keep a Pulse, can you really bring more Upside.

Headline... Failed small business owner wants to run the City.  Great campaign kickoff!!!

I thought I might be done but Kerrigan just keeps putting up his puppets!  Here we go...from bad to worse!

What is our criteria for Mayor, fog a mirror?

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Hayward Years...More Failures

  • Failure to secure any new developments at Maritime Park
  • Failure to close the Studer deal on STILL vacant parcels at the Maritime Park
  • Failure to get any traction on moving events to the Amphitheater
  • Failure to get the Federal Courthouse renovation completed after 8 years
  • The entire Fish Hatchery debacle
  • A personal failure in Redfish Harbor
  • Selection of Amy Miller as Port Director
  • Staffing decisions in general
  • Bobblehead in particular
  • No town halls
  • Failure of Transparent Pensacola site
  • Failure to attend Council meetings
  • Cancellation of Upwards
  • Panhandling Ordinance
  • Food Truck Ordinance
  • Homeless Ordinance
  • Occupy Pensacola 
  • Gallery Night street closure issues (Beirutgate)
  • ECUA tank permit
  • Radio Tower permit
and never finished his 20 solutions for 2011

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The Hayward Years...Failure Upon Failure

  • $1,000,000 for the swave
  • 2 lawsuits with council members
  • a butt kicking by Collier Merrill and Ray Russenberger costing the city $1,000,000 in fees
  • a three year Federal Grand Jury Criminal investigation
  • Majestic Candy Company
  • Failure of New Years downtown
  • Deepflex
  • Port Study Commission that led to the Port's current failure
  • Offshore Inland
  • Fire Chief debacle and lawsuits
  • Eric Olson attacking Citizens
  • Runaway ARB
  • Pensacola D- League team
  • Loss of Police Department accreditation
  • A PIO pleading no contest to public records violations
  • the Tamara Fountain debacle
  • Jones Stormwater Pond failure and greatly overbudget (reinstalled sandbags after the "grand Opening"
  • CNG?  
  • Ferry dock expenditures for doomed ferry operation
  • Multi-million dollar facility for kayakers and rowers to put their boats in contaminated Bayou Texar
  • 20 forgotten solutions for 2011
  • No press conferences or interviews except Lightning round from Andrew Tallman
  • No State of the City addresses
  • Parking fees that will drive business AWAY from downtown (Mall area is still free)
  • Failure of a port in business since 1559.  Its best recent idea is helicopter rides
  • Charging mileage like from City Hall to Pensacola Association of Realtors (Across street)
  • A first campaign promise, Fire Station 3, will be uncompleted after his entire term
  • The flooding of Piedmont in Cordova Park
  • Dick Barker still remaining after committing to Police Union he would be "f%$#ing fired"
  • The ever present Rusty Wells
  • Kerrigan induced follies
  • The hiring of the only firefighter to leave a firefighter in a fire as Fire Chief
  • Employee evaluations
  • Hixardt
  • Hawkshaw property
  • Inside dealing with Hallmark

Monday, March 12, 2018

CAFR Disclosures and Regurgitated Dribble

From the 2017 CAFR:

On November 24, 2009 voters approved amendments to the City Charter that changed the form of government from a Council-Manager to a Mayor-Council structure commonly referred to as a “Strong Mayor” form of government. With the new structure, there are nine members of council one (1) to be elected from each of the seven (7) election districts of the City, and two Council members to be elected at large with each member limited to three consecutive four year terms. On June 11, 2013, voters approved amendments to the City Charter that eliminated the two a tlarge City Council seats, upon the completion of their current terms, which reduced the number of City Council members from nine to seven. After the November 2014 and by November 2016 election, both of the at large seats were eliminated with the completion of those terms, reducing the total Council members elected to seven (7).

  • new structure?
  • there are?
  • to be?
  • current terms?
He just tacks on something as it happens and doesn't even change the tense.  Award of excellence?  Who do they deny? 


With the collapse of the oil market and decline in Port revenues, uses for the 50+ acres currently occupied by the Port of Pensacola will be reviewed in fiscal year 2018. The review is structured to bring forth a plan of action aimed at providing an optimal return on the Port’s assets. 

Port closure?  
Retirement village?
Amusement park?
Golf Course?

All it really says is that Ashton Hayward, the self proclaimed business man CEO, was responsible for the failure of a port that operated since 1559 and has turned it into a place for helicopter tours.

Way to go Mayor! 


The City experienced a 13.8% turnover rate in fiscal year 2017, a slight increase over the fiscal year 2016 rate of 11.4%.

Bet that goes up this year as Sisson, Olson, and the other Mayoral appointments are shown the door in November.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Peacock told NO! Naughty Boy!

Image result for cartoon dog with tail between legs

The DIB's by-laws change to appoint John Peacock as the All Time Supreme Ruler of the DIB was withdrawn from the Council agenda.

Just didn't have the votes! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Mayor's Big Lie..the Fish Hatchery

Every time we turn around these days we see the Mayor lying again about his proposed fish hatchery that wont even be completed when he leaves office. 

He talked today with Andrew Tallman, the City CIO, on AM 1620.

The Mayor kept saying a $30 million investment in our city. FALSE!  $11 million is related to Project Greenshores. The hatchery is only $18 million.

The Mayor kept saying the $18 million will be invested in our community.  FALSE!  The state is going to let a contract for $12 million to the lowest bidder.  Not to a Pensacola company necessarily.

The rest of the $18 million is for operating expenses and a handful of state employees for 5 years.

The only direct payment the State will give Pensacola is $50 per year for 30 years.  $1,500!

For a property worth $7.5 million.

This project is NOT a research facility, it is NOT a heritage center.  It is a hatchery that would be just as successful at a location not on the water. 

At least he is open to relocating it to a less prime piece of property.  We should all thank Jerry Pate and Steve Dana for at least getting him off of the Bruce Beach property.

We did get to know if the Mayor wants fresh vs.frozen patties at McDonalds and what his favorite cereal is.  Nice investigative reporting Andrew!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Airport Ads...Who got a deal?

Zazaur Law Firm - 10 mths $19,000; $1,900 per month; one month free - Net $17,100
Levin Law  - 10 mths $25,000; $2,500 per month; one month free; prepay discount -Net $21,375
PCI Gaming - 10 mths $23,000; $2,300 per month; one month free - Net $ 20,700
Beggs & Lane - 10 mths $7,500; $750 per month; one month free - Net $6,750
Pete Moore - 11 mths $6,325; $575 per month; one month free; - Net $5,750
Central CU - 10 mths $3,250; $325 per month; one month free; prepay discount -Net $2778.75

Friday, March 2, 2018

Kim Jong-Peacock

John Peacock wants to be supreme leader!  He is pressing to have the term limits on his role eliminated by City Council so that he can be "Chairman" FOREVER!

From the DIB monthly package:


WHEREAS, the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board (“DIB”) was established by Chapter 72-655, Laws of Florida as amended by Chapters 76-466 and 80-582, Laws of Florida (the “Act”); and,

WHEREAS, the DIB adopted those certain By-Laws and Internal Governance of the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board as amended per the Act (“By-Laws”); and,

WHEREAS, the DIB desires to further amend the By-Laws (“Amendment”); and,

WHEREAS, this Amendment is subject to the approval of the Pensacola City Council.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the aforementioned, the Board of Directors of the DIB, subject to the approval of the Pensacola City Council, agree as follows:

1. Article III, Section 1, Subsection 7 of the By-Laws is amended to read as follows: Length of Term: There is no limit to the number of terms a Board officer may serve in the same office. 

2. This Amendment is effective upon its adoption by a majority vote of the Board of Directors of the DIB after the text of the proposed amendment has been read at least once at a previous regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the DIB and after the approval of the Pensacola City Council. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the DIB is hereby authorized to sign the Amendment.


Term limits serve a purpose.  Kim Jong-Peacock just wants to be supreme leader FOR ALL TIME.

Council, please shoot this down.

The Citizens believe in term limits.  That's why you have them.  That's why the Mayor has them.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Millers Folly! Helicopter Tours from the Port?

I recently posted that Port Director Amy Miller had excluded a few types of business from a recent RFP for port marketing although we pay her and her mini-me Clark Merritt to market the Port.

One of the exempted lines of business was "Land lease to support rotocraft aviation operation"

My sources tell me a local company wants to offer helicopter tours from downtown.

I can't imagine how Miller believes that will happen inside the Port (a secure area) unless she has plans to lease them the Port parking lot.

Here is what to watch for in the Hayward inside deal machine at ole' City Hall.

Now lets do a little sheer speculation.
  • The Pensacola area has only one helicopter tour company.
  • The Mayor's bestie uses a helicopter company for her side hustle.
  • Her other hustle is snapping photos of the Mayor.
  • The Mayor controls a port.
  • The Port is looking to bring a helicopter tour downtown.
Could there be anything here?  Nah!  Just complete coincidence I'm sure.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Local Attorney and Mayors Chief Cheerleader is a Hypocrite

The Mayor's puppet master has started running a radio ad talking about various lawyers advertisements.  He talks about how an attorney standing on a truck could fall off, another should spend more time with his family and another has a nickname to get you to remember him.

Well this certain pillar of the legal community has used several angles in trying to get people to let him catch their ambulance.

He must have forgotten that he used to run ads featuring his private jet.  If you need to take the deposition of some company's mid level risk manager, you definitely need to spend thousands of dollars per flight hour that you will charge the client.  Lord knows you are way to important to make a connecting flight.

May the 4s be with you....I believe your firm used to say

Friday, February 16, 2018

Council Member Myers Budget Request Calls Out the Mayor

Council Member Myers has submitted her budget requests to the Mayor and Dr. No Olson.  She doesn't hold back telling the Mayor exactly what she thinks of him.

Remember District 2 is up for re-election this year so Council Member Myers will be up for re-election.  Last time she ran the Mayor propped up a candidate to run against her.  She won anyway.

The Mayor is not as popular outside East Hill as he thinks,  I am sure Council Member Myers will be reminding her constituents as she walks the District JUST HOW LITTLE THE CITY DOES FOR DISTRICT 2.

I can't imagine any circumstance a District 2 voter would vote for Hayward when presented with the facts below.

-----Original Message-----
From: Sherri Myers <>
To: Ashton Hayward <>; Eric Olson <>; Don Kraher <>; Butch Hansen <>; Dick Barker Jr <>
Sent: Thu, Feb 15, 2018 9:38 pm
Subject: Response to Mayor Hayward's budget letter

This is in response to your letter to me dated January 12, 2018.  First, I am requesting you send the letter to me via e-mail attachment as I only have a hard copy.

For eight years, you have sent your  standard letter to all city council members requesting our input regarding budget priorities for our districts.  In the past, I have responded to your standard letter. I have never received a written or verbal response to any letters I have sent to you. You, nor your staff have never contacted me to discuss any of my priorities. So, last year in the beginning of 2017, I decided to just meet with Dick Barker regarding my priorities and asked where the money might come from for Burgess Road.  He told me that there was $1,600,000.00 of unallocated money in LOST VI.  I made it very clear to Mr. Barker and Eric Olson that I was going to ask council to allocate this money to Burgess Rd.  However, when your proposed budget came out for fiscal year 2018, you had taken the $1,600,000.00 and used it for Bayview Community Center and increased that project by over $2,000,000.00 dollars.  I had to fight like hell to get council to allocate $1,600,000.00 for Burgess Rd., from the LOST VI, from another line item you had to slap down asphalt for resurfacing. Even though the Council allocated the $1,600,000.00 for Burgess Rd., based on comments from Mr. Olson, I am absolutely confident that you and your staff will make sure that project never happens.  Rest assured however, that as long as my two feet are able to walk on this earth, Burgess Road and the safety of poor people and school kids will be a top priority for me.

Moving on to other priorities; Carpenter's Creek.  I haven't heard one word of support from you in support of the RESTORE project for Carpenter's Creek.  If there is a "word" please send it to me.  I did not copy you on the letter that I sent to FDOT regarding the replacement of 9th Ave., bridge.  The design of  the new bridge is critical to  efforts to Restore the creek.  Furthermore, the bridge needs to be very walkable, with lighting that is aesthetic and that provides an aesthetic entrance to the Uptown District.  The letter that was sent to FDOT is attached.  It was not sent to you, because I do not trust you or your administration to care about the wellbeing of the Uptown District.  I believe the distrust is well founded based on my dealings with your administration.  The 9th Ave., project is an FDOT project.  The citizens have spoke at my town hall meetings regarding this project.  We have spoken at FDOT meetings. We will fight for the amenities we have requested of FDOT,  with or without your support, though it would be welcomed. Please provided me with a copy of your letter of support,  ootherwise, I will take the position that you do not support the will of the citizens of Pensacola regarding the replacement of the 9th Ave. bridge.

Other priorities include:
  1.  Street lighting at all signalized intersections from Fairfield to Olive Rd.  Yes, I know they are state roads, but these needs where not addressed in the so call "street light" study.  However, the city provides street lights in residential neighborhoods, why not for commercial property owners.  Why is the street lighting along Brent and Bayou from Davis Hwy to 12th Ave., so spotty.  Why is a the busiest pedestrian area  in the city and the county around Scared Heart and Cordova Mall dark?  Have you been on the phone with FDOT regarding this issue?  What has the city offered in terms of addressing the  safety  of pedestrians who walk along Bayou and 9th Ave?  Also, the lack of street lighting at Tippin and Creighton.  It could have been improved by the city.  I don't think it was even addressed in the so called "street light" study.  Thank God for FDOT.  FDOT has plans to put street lighting at that signalized intersection of Tippen and Creighton as part of the FDOT improvements to Creighton Rd.
  2. Drainage and storm water:  While the city is doing a good job retrofitting storm water flow into Carpenter's Creek there is much more that needs to be done, such as addressing storm water pond maintenance and road reconstruction.  Simple things like stop cutting the grass so short that it causes the grass to die which causes erosion of our storm water ponds.
  3. Parks and Recreation: Fair share of the Parks and Recreation budget: Very little money comes out of Parks and Recreation for District 2, or for the north end of the city for that matter. Out of 90 plus parks in the City of Pensacola, only 8 are in district 2.  The neighborhood of Camelot waited for over 30 years to get  playground equipment and that came about when FDOT bought park of the passive park for a storm water pond. When arsonist burned it to the ground not long after it was built, Mr. Olson told me that the city was not going to replace it because it would cost $65,000.00.  I told Mr. Olson that not replacing it was not an option.  The playground equipment was replaced, but it is not universally designed for children with disabilities.  Not only does district 2 have just 8 parks, but there are no community centers or athletic centers.  Gull Point is the closes community center and it is run down and in need of rehabilitation.  It is the only senior eating facility in the north end. While it is not in District 2, Gull Point has programs that service the north end of the city. The large subdivision, Eau Clair, north of 9th Ave., does have any parks, nothing.  So really, how much is that community getting from the taxes property owners and residents pay the city.  
  4. Uptown District - no green spaces, no promotion.  But, you will be glad to take all of the property taxes Uptown generates to subsidize the rest of the city.  Not only is Uptown the primary commercial core, put thousands of students and visitors come to our state college and medical facilities every day. We have Sacred Heart Health System that is an important regional hospital.  SH has over a thousand employees.  Where is the green space for them.  You are working on providing storm water parks with walkable green spaces for Baptist Health System.  Where are the green spaces for all of the employees that work at Sacred Heart and all of the other businesses in the Uptown commercial core?  What happened to the 4 acre pond the city owns adjacent to Carpenter's Creek?  When is it going to be converted into a green space like the many ponds you are working so hard to get all over downtown and the west side areas.   Heck, you won't even get street lights put in at 9th and Bayou so pedestrians and employees of our many businesses can safely walk across the streets.  Why isn't the Anna Lamar Switzer art gallery mentioned on the City's website as a destination for visitors to come and see the best art in the city of Pensacola?  How could that be overlooked. Politics? Grudge?
  5. Police:  Never see police  when school kids are walking down Burgess Rd.  That stopped 3 years ago.  Still a lot of speeders in the Cordova Mall area.  
  6. Lastly,  I want to address the lack of transparency in the budget process that has come from your administration.  You have done everything possible to make sure the council did not have the resource we need to have independent staff, unattached to you,  to help us understand the budget process and develop a budget that is in the interest of the entire city. You fired our first council  executive without informing the council. Council took care of the Cox firing  with a referendum that changed the charter. Your buddy on the city council tried to discredit our new independent council executive when he has hired.  You vetoed our efforts to hire our independent budget analyst.  We fixed that with a veto override.  Until 2017, I didn't know there was a Budget Preparation Manual.  It had never been provided to council, nor was it published anywhere on the City's website.  However,  each year Escambia County publishes its Budget Preparation Manual.  I didn't know the city had a Budge Preparation Manual until a citizen told me.  I made a request for the 2017 manual and learned a lot about the budget process.  I learned that the letter that is sent to council every January is just a formality. Don't know who collects the response and files them away in file #13. In order to help the citizens understand the budget process of the city,I had the Budget Preparation Manual posted to my City Council page so the public will have access to it.  

Well, my hands are getting tired of typing.  I have other priority issues to add to my list.  I will send them along as I have time.    

Sherri Myers, District 2, City Council

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Hayward's Departments are Failing Him

If there is one thing Mayor Hayward has shown us in the last 7 years is that he does not know how to be a project leader (just look at Redfish Harbor) and when you have a weak leader like Hayward, you need to have strong support from your departments and a good City Administrator.

Hayward just has Olson and people afraid to be yelled at and fired.

The City of Pensacola has had great growth fueled 100% by private investment despite City Hall not because of it.

A few cases in point:

  • Jones Stormwater Pond - Saturday is the long delayed opening of the new Stormwater Pond.  Despite the City spending almost $ 4 million on this project, if you drive by 3 days before opening, the east end is surrounded by sand bags... TO KEEP STORMWATER OUT OF THE POND.  Who designed this trainwreck?  Why can't Owens correct it?  How much more will it cost to keep fixing it?  Mayor is the CEO, its his fault!
  • Holiday Inn Downtown - Beautiful building.  Huge investment in our City. HOW DO YOU CHECK IN? I noticed the entrance has no loading zone, no entrance, just on street parking.  Who designed this trainwreck?  How did the project get completely done without a word on how customers would access it?  I guess you are supposed to park in the block behind it, then tote all your stuff the full length of the building before turning the corner on Main to access the building?  Must stink if its raining!  I have heard that it is almost sold out every night.  Anyone will try something once until a family with three kids and bags and stuff can't drop off their stuff at the lobby.
  • The Rest of Downtown For all of his trips to DC, why has the Federal Courthouse taken so long?  Captain Connected, if you would spend half the time asking for projects to be done while in DC on our dime as you do looking for Trump appointments, we might not have chain link in Downtown 6 years after the issue.  He speaks of the Palafox Miracle.  But North of Garden (NoGa) has many empty buildings and a gaggle of panhandlers every day, every where.  They are on every corner with garbage bags tied in the trees and their belongings stuffed under bushes and benches.  Panhandlers have rights but not to put garbage bags tied in the trees and their belongings scattered all over the sidewalks.  Its your Police Department.
Finally on the good front!

Remember when Hayward took office and took credit for all the accomplishments of the previous council led by Mayor Wiggins.

  • Our Council expanded the airport, Hayward cut the ribbon and took credit.
  • Our Council remodeled the library, Hayward cut the ribbon and took credit.
  • Our Council brought forward the Maritime Park, Hayward cut the ribbon and took credit.

The Mayor spent the whole first year cutting ribbons and putting plaques with his name on projects he had nothing to do with.

I hope the new Mayor does the same. 

Enjoy cutting the ribbon on Fire Station 3, Mr. New Mayor.  Your name goes on the plaque.

Enjoy cutting the ribbon on the new Bayview Community Center and Rowing Facility, Mr. New Mayor. Your name goes on the plaque.

To the victor goes the spoils!  

Monday, February 12, 2018

Mayor Leaves the Gate Open at Pond

Mayor Hayward likes to say when you are the Mayor everything is your responsibility.

Well then Mayor, you left the gate open at the Jones Stormwater Pond.

Kids get out of school soon and that would be tempting to kids.  Better send someone soon!

I would have closed it myself but would have been charged with trespassing or something.

By the way, nice sandbags to keep the water OUT of your drainage pond.  You are the Best!

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Amy Miller has Lost Her Mind. Spencer May Flip!

Someone watch Julius!  His head may spin off when he reads this.

Amy Miller is desperate at the Port of Pensacola.  She briefed Council Monday on the current opportunities at the Port since she has mismanaged it for the last four years.

She talked about the new Mexican container service and Offshore Inland.  Then she teased 3 "75%ers" she was stalking for the Port without telling them what it is.

Seriously, someone better sedate Julius at this point.  I'm not kidding!

I reviewed the lease agreement entered into with NAI to market the Port for 2018.  Miller excluded the following from NAI getting a commission (since she must be already in discussions with them)

Who's watching Julius?

Here ya go...

  1. Land lease for establishment of a wood pressure treating and export operation
  2. Land lease to support wood pole debarking and export operations
  3. Land lease to support rotorcraft aviation operation
Adding pressure treating, wood pole debarking and helicopters to gravel baby!

Clark and Amy rock!  Where's Julius?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Funnies

Historic Preservation Hayward Style

The Mayor discussed historic preservation this week on the radio with Pensacola Public Information Officer Andrew McKay.

When asked about the City paving over the brick streets next to the police station and the ordinance calling for preservation of Pensacola's historic brick streets, Hayward announced that paving over the streets WAS preserving them.  No better way to preserve them than paving over them, right?

The funny thing is Mckay actually bought it.

History Hayward Style...Find a Indian burial ground...put in a parking lot on top of it to preserve the site.

Hayward...Life after Mayor

With Mayor Hayward looking to find a new career after office in November, I thought I would suggest some possible roles that he could fill .

  • Executive Director, Timeless Tanglewood - In what would be similar to the role he played in WAMMA, Hayward could be the ED of the house.  Arranging events, greeting guests, taking care of Fred's pretty things.  Low stress, low effort, high profile.  Perfect!
  • Port Director, Port of Pensacola - Heck lets face it, he couldn't do worse than Miller.  One ship is more than zero!  Nothing to do all day and a pay raise.  Perfect!
  • President and CEO, The Hayward Group - A lobbying group where his friends in Pensacola could just pay him to "lobby" for them here and in Tallahassee.  Shame to not use his contacts and it would give him something to justify dressing up every day.
  • Public Relations Director, Gulf Power - Another role I'm sure he could handle.  Explaining power outages, spinning rate cases in Tallahassee, representing GP at community events.  Perfect!
  • VP of Community Development, Studer Community Initiative - Hayward has transformed Pensacola personally!  Imagine what Quint could accomplish for other cities around the country if he had the help of the man who single handedly turned downtown Pensacola into the Miracle of the South.  
  • Escambia County School Board Superintendent - If Hayward took his magic touch from the City to the School District, just imagine the transformation in our education system.  New logos, a catchy catch phrase, new dress codes and some feel good speeches and the District is fixed.  Perfect!
  • President and CEO, Hayward Special Events - He could be your either MC or keynote on any topic, cuts ribbons like a pro and can handle a golden shovel like a champ.  Just a man in search of any event.  Photographer included.
  • Mayor, Another City USA - Hey someone must need a Mayor, right?
Move along little doggie!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Hayward Admits Failure...Redfish up for Sale!

Mayor and real estate developer Ashton Hayward is giving up after over a decade of failed efforts in Innerarity.  Below is a listing for his Redfish Harbor development.


  • 30 acres for $5,300,000 (he owes $4,758,000 so after commissions, costs and the fact that no one will pay the $5,300,000 asking price, they are just trying to get out from under it)
  • If you read the ad, of the 30 acres, 15 acres are declared wetlands!  HALF!! HALF!! OOOPS!

If you really want to make a deal, call AMFI insurance and make a deal with the lender to buy the mortgage.  I bet they take much less than rack rate, then you can foreclose on the Mayor!

Doesn't that sound more fun!

  • House for sale for a decade
  • Lot development failed
I do have a post-Mayoral suggested occupation since real estate doesn't appear to be working out.

Link to Future Potential Occupation

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Redfish Harbor Debt to the Numbers

Mayor Hayward is partners with two individuals, one is a large city contractor, in a real estate development named Redfish Harbor.

On March 17, 2006 AMFI Insurance acquired the Mortgage for $3,775,000 from the OLD Bank of Pensacola.  The same day the mortgage was given an additional advance of $383,000 by AMFI bringing the total mortgage to $4,158,000

On January 10, 2011, Mayor Hayward takes office.  As part of his new role, he agrees to have no outside business activities (including working as a developer) and is compensated with a salary of $100,000 per year.

On 11/13/2015, while Mayor, Redfish Harbor is advanced another $600,000 bringing the total mortgage to $ $4,758,000.

From a reader below:

  • Assume this speculative real estate development loan had an interest rate of only 5%.
  • Assume the Mayor has just a minority interest like he claimed in the PNJ article.
  • Assume that percentage is 15%.

  • Has the Mayor paid between $34,000 and $38,000 per year into Redfish Harbor for interest and taxes since he took office?
  • Has the millionaire City contractor paid these costs on the Mayor's behalf allowing the Mayor to pay all his back interest and taxes in the future?
  • What is the value of the City contracts the partner's other business has received since 2011?
  • Has the Mayor made any "out of the ordinary" decisions regarding the City's expenditures in the area of service served by the City contractor while Mayor?
  • Has AMFI (a financial supporter of the Mayor's campaign) received all interest payments due on the mortgage or are they allowing the interest to just accumulate?
  • Has AMFI treated other mortgagee's the same in other real estate deals?
A transparent Mayor! wink, wink.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mayor Meally Mouth

Mayor Wibble Wobbles All Over DC

On his last boondoggle at the Conference of Mayors, Hayward attended a White House announcement.  Remember, President Trump has been to Pensacola 2 or 3 times as either a candidate or the President and the Mayor has NEVER attended any of the visits.

But finally he tells us how he feels emphatically.

"Mitch Landrieu is a great guy," Hayward said. "He was urging some of the mayors to obviously boycott, but I'm a supporter (of Trump), and the president is our president. And I think as a mayor it's critically important — you don't have the luxury to be partisan when you represent everyone. My job locally, in Pensacola, is I represent every citizen. Our success is right there in how we've worked across party lines for the whole community."

What in the world is he saying?  lets break it down.
  • The leader of his organization is a great guy.
  • His organizations leader that the Citizens pay for him to belong urged Mayors to boycott.
  • But Hayward is a supporter of Donald Trump although he has never said so before.
  • As Mayor you don't have the luxury to be partisan when you represent everyone, although I have already said I'm Republican and support Trump in this interview.
  • My job is to represent every Citizen.
  • The last sentence is a hoot! Our success is right there in how we've worked across party lines for the whole community."


Here is my interpretation of his comments.

  • I'm in DC on a boondoggle spending some serious coin.
  • The Mayors here got a chance to go to the White House to see the President make a presentation.
  • I'm out of office in 10 months and this is my only chance to get to go to the White House.
  • I don't have a job when I get out of office and have been criticized by Republicans for not supporting the President.
  • So "I support the President" but all of you that don't I'm your Mayor too so don't be mad.
  • I'll represent you, but I need a job soon.  Tru dat!
  • I need to sound bi-partisan even though Pensacola is NONPARTISAN.
  • I hope this helps me get a job, but at least I got to go the White House.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hayward's Bank...By the Numbers!

Based in the September 30, 2017 FDIC call report, Hayward's Bank had a total of $ 22,969,000 in total loans.

So the Mayor's mortgage represents 4.3% of total loans.  

Ask yourself, what percentage of your banks TOTAL LOANS (mortgages, car loans, business loans, equipment finance, HELOCS) is your mortgage?


The bank's website does not even list loans as a product.  It just has a link called "Lending" that states:

Lending Services
Please call 850-455-7351 and ask for the Loan department for information. Thank you!

Hayward's Banks Web Page

A review of Clerk of Court data for Hayward's Bank's mortgage modifications similar to the Mayor's interest only modification shows since the Mayor took office, the Bank has done 84 mortgage modifications.  Most were these types of interest only loans.

In fact, 4 modifications have been done for the Mayor. 4.7% of all modifications.

Modifications such as the Mayor's have been done for several prominent business leaders as well as numerous modifications for AMFI and Five Flags banking group executives and employees.

In fact, a review of modifications like Hayward's reflects approximately $10,000,000 of the banks $23,000,000 in total loans are under the just this type of interest only never pay down your principle arrangement. (43%)

The $10,000,000 covers approximately 25 loans.  So 25 loans are 43% of all the money the Bank has loaned out as of September 30, 2017.  The Mayor's loan is approximately 9.8% of the present total under the interest only program.

The Mayors modified mortgage is the fourth largest interest only mortgage the Bank has.
  • One is a high net worth business leader who sits on another related banks Board of Directors.  Their estimated net worth is $ 5-10 million.
  • A prominent local pediatrician with 44 years of practice.  Their estimated net worth is $ 5-10 million.
  • A retired insurance executive.  Their net worth is estimated at $ 5-10 million.
Then there is the Mayor.... 
  • Salary - $100,000 and could be unemployed this year.  Spouse's finances unknown.
  • Underlying house listed for sale for 8 consecutive years.  List price is $367,000 over the estimated value of the home.
  • Real estate "development" the Mayor is a partner in owes the Bank's affiliated insurance company $4.8 million for a property with an estimated worth of $ 1.4 million.
Ummm. I would love to see the loan file on this.  

Pensacola..Where Bob Sugar got it wrong...IT IS show friends not show business.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Haywards "Hidden" Mortgage...Now Interest Only Til 2022??

Last week I posted that Mayor Hayward's mortgage had come due in March 2017.  Based on the Clerk's website it appeared there was no further modifications to the 2012 extension.

Check yourself!!

Search for Hayward, Ashton
Dates 01/01/2011 through today

No 2017 documents!!

But a reader pointed out a "hidden" document that the search system doesn't show.

Go into the Warrington Bank modification dated 03/14/2012.  You will see the modification til 2022 at the very bottom of the list of related documents. Book 7684/570.

So the mortgage was extended...yet again.

Hmmm.  Its interesting that the Mayor of Pensacola could get interest only mortgage extensions from March 2010, two months after he took office until....WAIT FOR IT.


Coincidence???  Was the March 2017 mortgage modification made with expectations of a third term?

Previous extensions on this mortgage ranged from four years originally to only one year twice to now another five year term.

From 2006 to 2022 the Mayor's mortgage will have been $980,000 with no principle reduction ever!!

Regulators?  Is this kosher?

Friday, January 19, 2018

Hatchery Compromise

Is there a compromise out there on the hatchery?  I think so!

I feel the Mayor has the opportunity to create a WIN for our Citizens and visitors as well as keep his promises of the hatchery.

Why not consider a new proposed location for the Hatchery at the North end of the 3 Mile Bridge where the Bait Shop and Visitor Center are currently located? 


  • FWC & the Visitor Center have already had discussions in the past to swap locations for ease of access. 
  • UWF has an opportunity to hold "Ship Talks" for the public along the water's edge with a view of Pensacola Bay, along with a display of  artifacts from our rich history...I know our Mayor has wanted keep his promise of a Maritime museum for our citizens and this will be a good start & a good use of available space within the Hatchery public areas. 
  • FWC can use the existing drawings and following bridge construction the Hatchery construction can proceed.
  • Governor Scott has assured us that the Hatchery funding will stay in place.  

The location is perfect...high visibility, easy access, on the water and a perfect use in a non-residential area.


Thursday, January 18, 2018

WOW! Mortgage Debacle Goes Deeper...Ridiculous!

I recently posted that Ashton Hayward has a $980,000 mortgage with Warrington Bank that came due 10 months ago but has not been renewed or called by the lender.  No actions have been brought to collect. Nothing!

The Board of Warrington Bank which Hayward is past due $980,000 includes Marilyn Hess.

Warrington Bank

On November 12, 2015, American Fidelity Life Insurance Company expanded the amount advanced to Mayor Hayward's Redfish Harbor development to a total debt of $ 4,758,000.


The Board of American Fidelity Life Insurance Company which Hayward and partners owe $4,758,000 includes Marilyn Hess.

AMFI Board

The Property with a mortgage for $4,758,000 owed by the Mayor and partners is appraised by Chris Jones at $1,388,635.

Parcel 1

Parcel 2

  • Hayward and partner purchased the land in 2004 for $750,000.
  • Hayward and partner sold the property in 2005 to Cody Rawson for $3,500,000 and stayed on as partners.
  • Hayward and partners have run the debt up to $4,758,000
  • The property is only worth $1,388,635.
  • Nothing is happening on the property.
The same person that allowed the Mayor to increase a $750,000 property to over $4,758,000 in debt is letting him slide on a mortgage that lapsed and came due 10 months ago.

Don't banks have Federal and State lending laws?

Did she buy a mayor?  Hmmm.  See below.

Below is a photo of Mayor Ashton Hayward at the Groundbreaking of Marilyn Hess's new hotel in NAVARRE in June 2015, right around when the extended financing on Redfish Harbor was secured.

Article about NAVARRE groundbreaking with PENSACOLA Mayor.

Why is a Pensacola Mayor at a Navarre groundbreaking?  Its not even the same county!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Deeper dive on Mortgage

So, as previously posted, the Mayor has a $980,000 interest only mortgage on his home that is fully due and payable as it has reached its term.

Zillow has the house listed for $1,899,000

The Zillow estimated value is $1,531,153

He also has a second mortgage with a bank that holds City of Pensacola deposits for up to $750,000.

The house has been for sale since before he was elected Mayor.

Questions that Should be Asked

  • How many mortgages does the primary lender have that are beyond the term that it has allowed to just hang around untouched for 10 months since due date?
  • If the mortgage says fully due and payable as of 10 months ago, has the Mayor's monthly payments gone to interest or principle, or have payments been made?
  • Has the past due status been reported to the credit reporting agencies?
  • Have other bank mortgages that are past due 10 months been given the same slack?
  • How would state and Federal bank regulators look at this mortgage?
  • How would the same regulators look at the second mortgage in light of the first mortgage?
  • With the mortgage due and the house hasn't sold in 7 years, doesn't it need a new appraisal?
  • Isn't some sort of principle curtailment appropriate on a refinance or interest only FOREVER?
  • Will the Mayor be going to work for the Bank owners family after his term
Also based on houses for sale on the Bayou, it appears to be overpriced based on the size of both the house and the lot.

Even if interest only the mortgage payment must be over $4,000 per month.

The Mayor makes $8,333 per month before taxes.

And if renewing this loan, do you take into consideration that he will be unemployed in November?

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Special Treatment???

Imagine if you will that you and your spouse own a house in Pensacola. 

A home assessed by the property appraiser at $1,114,643

A home currently for sale for $1,899,000 Listing

Now imagine that a bank gave you a mortgage for $980,000....A mortgage that states payment is due:

"On demand, but if no demand, interest only shall be due on April 10, 2012 and on the same day and month of each and every month thereafter until demand is made for payment in full or March 10, 2017 when the entire balance of principal and interest then unpaid is due and payable in full."

Well, interest only is nice but what is even nicer is that here we are on January 11, 2018, 10 months after the amount is fully due and payable, and the Bank has not filed for collection, extended the note and mortgage or done anything to collect on your fully due and payable mortgage.

Now suppose you were the elected Mayor of Pensacola and the Bank that held your mortgage was run by one of your supporters.

Does that make it interesting?

Now imagine further that you and your wife have a second mortgage on that home for $750,000 with another local bank.

Now suppose you were the elected Mayor of Pensacola and the Bank that held your second mortgage was holding $15,000,000 in City deposits as of the last FYE.

In a second position, the entire first mortgage fully due and payable, and house that has been for sale for 7 years and the bank hasn't done a thing?

Does that make it interesting?

Must be nice!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Grover over $60,000...Impressive list of supporters

Grover had a Merry Christmas of donations from an impressive list of supporters including many Levin Papantonio attorneys. 

Is that a sign that Mayor Hayward is retiring?? 

Newest Grover Supporters:

  • Lewis Bear Company
  • All of the Bears
  • The Studers
  • Tad Ihns
  • Joe Endry
  • Ken Ford
  • LP Attorney Peter Mougey
  • Levin Rinke
  • Portofino Holdings
  • LP Attorney Mike Papantonio
  • LP Attorney Tim O'Brien
  • LP Attorney Brian Barr
  • Former Mayor Jerry Maygarden

Grover Donors

Monday, January 8, 2018

Did Bob Kerrigan's venom with Collier Merrill cost the City $750,000?

In the opinion of many, Bob Kerrigan has always run the Mayor.  Time and again we see his head pop up in City matters, but having never actually being retained by the City.

Rick Outzen posted the following document today.

Look how many times the Beggs and Lane bill regarding the Fish House lease debacle includes references to KERRIGAN.

Conferences and calls just between Kerrigan and Beggs & Lane

If the Mayor told the truth (don't hold your breath, he can't recall) would he say that Bobby K put him up to the Fish House case?

Folks we need to vote Bob Kerrigan out of office in November!!  We can't afford the legal bills for his petty attacks on people he may be jealous of or angry with.