Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pulse is Cracking Me Up...Every Building is Historic

The Pulse has an article on the evil doers that want to demolish a red brick building from the....wait for it, wait for it...1940s.

Drew Buchanan's article states:

"In their plans, the developers are proposing to demolish multiple buildings within the block, including the 1940s former USO building and former Escambia County School District headquarters, citing “compelling reasons” to raze the historic structures."

Yes, those buildings are a "must see" for all tourists that visit Pensacola.  An old USO hall and a decaying school building.

Good Grief!  Based on the Pulse definition, every building south of Fairfield Drive and east of Bayou Chico needs to be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Crying over every building diminishes your intent boys!

But then again, anything to take a swipe at Quint Studer.  Even attack your landlord.

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Anonymous said...

The buildings in question are VERY UGLY. They have no Historical value other than they are older than 50 years and they where used to house a business or non-profit once upon a time. Calling a crappy building that once housed the USO historic is just lame. The school Board building is a piece of crap as well. It would take twice as much to renovate that worthless old building than it would to tear it down and build new. Pensacola tore down it's most historic buildings decades ago and few remaining buildings in this community can be considered "HISTORIC".

Nothing last's forever and saving crappy buildings that are preventing progress is just plain stupid. Tear down those eyesores and put something back that will enhance the community.