Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Grover Continues to Build Warchest

Grover has raised over $30,000 in his bid to become the next Mayor.  The list of supporters is impressive.  It includes:

  • Hancock Banks Bruce Vredenburg
  • Gulf Breeze Financier Ed Gray
  • Former Mayor Mike Wiggins
  • BB&T Banks Tom Owens- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Moving Mogul Jay Bradshaw
  • CPA Mort O'Sullivan - Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Greenhut Construction Company - Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • The First Banks Buzz Ritchie
  • HR Exec Dick Baker- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Attorney John Trawick
  • Attorney Alan Bookman- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Appleyard Agency
  • Attorney Bruce McDonald
  • Architect Miller Caldwell
  • Banker Hank Gonzales
  • Bell Steel
Ponder these items:
  • Miller Caldwell is the architect on Ashton's Boathouse formerly known as Bayview Community Center
  • I think the Bell Steel folks may even be related to Hayward
  • It will be interesting to see if the Pensacola Hotel owners are forgiving of Hayward's endorsement of AIRBNB
  • Will the developers continue to back Hayward since Grover is in the race?
Kerrigan better create a few more entities to donate through.
The Beggs & Lane partners better not spend all their money on Christmas.
The Levin Papantonio partners and Levin "Affiliates" better order some new checks

My guess is both candidates will push over $100,000 for this race.

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