Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Hmmm....Where's the Chief? (Assistant)

The Pensacola Police Department has a long history of having a Chief of Police and a Assistant Chief.

Its almost like a so and so begat so and so...just less biblical.

Simmons was an Assistant Chief before Chief
Alexander was an Assistant Chief before Chief
Lyter was an Assistant Chief before Chief

Lyter has no Assistant.  Is this intentional or an oversight on his part?

With the time he is taking away from the department for more important family issues shouldn't the PPD have an Assistant Chief to step in?


Friday, December 15, 2017

Hayward's Beggs & Lane Bill Payment Illegal?

Rick Outzen recently discussed the payment of Ashton Hayward's criminal defense bills. 


In his story, Outzen noted:

Mussetto said that Thomber v. City of Ft. Walton Beach established the acts involved must purportedly arise from the performance of his official duties. However, a public official is not entitled to taxpayer-funded reimbursement simply because an allegation of misconduct arises in the course of his public duties. The alleged misconduct must also serve a public purpose.

Mussetto asserted that four questions must be answered:

1) Was the official’s successful defense against the charges undisputed?
2) Did the challenged acts arise out of the official’s performance or public duties and serve a public purpose?
3) Is the substance of the litigation of interest to the administration of the business of the prospective payor ?
4) Did the prospective payor authorize the challenged acts?

Beggs & Lane attorney Nixon Daniel stated in a letter to Dick Barker:

"All of the matters which were subject of the investigation were within the scope of Mr. Hayward's responsibilities as Mayor."

Do you pinky promise Nix?

Daniel then gives the City CFO instructions to be blindly followed like an idiot:

"I have enclosed out statement for services rendered on his behalf. Mr. Hayward has paid $13,500 of that bill as indicated on the bill.  The attached statement shows the net amount due to our firm.  The $13,500 previously paid by Mr. Hayward should be reimbursed to him.

Bowling told Inweekly that she based her analysis and recommendation to pay the mayor’s legal bills on the letter received from the mayor’s attorney.

She later wrote in denying access to the Beggs & Lane files as public records:

"In any event, the City has never had, and does not presently have, possession of the files or access to them."

How do Bowling and Barker know?  They did not review the files.
How do Bowling and Barker know the Feds did not investigate personal issues the Mayor may have?
How do Bowling and Barker know the Feds did not investigate issues Mrs. Hayward may have?
How do Bowling and Barker know if the contractors themselves were a focus of the investigation?

These other potential issues and other non-city functions are supported by the bills.
  • 01/15/15 entry references bank records; Whose bank records?  Joint account? Partnerships?
  • 01/19/15 entry references insurance document from client.  How is the Mayors insurance city business?  
  • 9/8/14 entry references document from banks.  Who's accounts?
  • 9/11/14 entry references tax returns?  Is this a tax case?  How is that City business?

The above indicates that more than bribery may have been investigated and if so why are the Citizens paying for his fees?

Don't ask Dick or Bobblehead, they just did as instructed without doing....THEIR JOB!

Did City CFO Dick Barker and City Attorney Bowling commit a crime in blindly paying for Ashton Hayward's criminal defense without doing any review of the files to determine the public purpose before authorizing payment?

This is definitely a question for the State Attorney.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pulse is Cracking Me Up...Every Building is Historic

The Pulse has an article on the evil doers that want to demolish a red brick building from the....wait for it, wait for it...1940s.


Drew Buchanan's article states:

"In their plans, the developers are proposing to demolish multiple buildings within the block, including the 1940s former USO building and former Escambia County School District headquarters, citing “compelling reasons” to raze the historic structures."

Yes, those buildings are a "must see" for all tourists that visit Pensacola.  An old USO hall and a decaying school building.

Good Grief!  Based on the Pulse definition, every building south of Fairfield Drive and east of Bayou Chico needs to be added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Crying over every building diminishes your intent boys!

But then again, anything to take a swipe at Quint Studer.  Even attack your landlord.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Grover Continues to Build Warchest

Grover has raised over $30,000 in his bid to become the next Mayor.  The list of supporters is impressive.  It includes:

  • Hancock Banks Bruce Vredenburg
  • Gulf Breeze Financier Ed Gray
  • Former Mayor Mike Wiggins
  • BB&T Banks Tom Owens- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Moving Mogul Jay Bradshaw
  • CPA Mort O'Sullivan - Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Greenhut Construction Company - Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • The First Banks Buzz Ritchie
  • HR Exec Dick Baker- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Attorney John Trawick
  • Attorney Alan Bookman- Donated to Hayward in 2014
  • Appleyard Agency
  • Attorney Bruce McDonald
  • Architect Miller Caldwell
  • Banker Hank Gonzales
  • Bell Steel
Ponder these items:
  • Miller Caldwell is the architect on Ashton's Boathouse formerly known as Bayview Community Center
  • I think the Bell Steel folks may even be related to Hayward
  • It will be interesting to see if the Pensacola Hotel owners are forgiving of Hayward's endorsement of AIRBNB
  • Will the developers continue to back Hayward since Grover is in the race?
Kerrigan better create a few more entities to donate through.
The Beggs & Lane partners better not spend all their money on Christmas.
The Levin Papantonio partners and Levin "Affiliates" better order some new checks

My guess is both candidates will push over $100,000 for this race.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Why the Port of Pensacola is Failing

I wish the port could work.  In its present form it just can't.  At best it can be a niche port, but days of cargo usage are probably in the past.  Not out of anything but just neglect by Mayor Hayward and Amy Miller.

Modern shipping has passed us by while Amy Miller does nothing.  She just must not care.  But she won't say so because she is trying to save her job.

The facts presented below are based on information with links that are included.

Our port has seven berths.

Berth Depth Length Apron
1           33'    540'      100'
2           33'    400'      Open
3           33'    476'      Open
5           33'    476'      50'
6           33'    476'      50'
7           16'    400'       0

SO, the deepest berth is 33 feet deep.  What does that mean for ships today?

Dry Cargo
  • Small Handy size, carriers of 20,000–28,000 DWT
    • Seawaymax, 28,000 DWT the largest vessel that can traverse the St Lawrence Seaway These are vessels less than 740 feet (225.6 m) in length, 78 feet (23.8 m) wide, and have a draft less than 26.51 feet (8.08 m) and a height above the waterline no more than 35.5 metres (116 ft).
  • Handy size, carriers of 28,000–40,000 DWT
  • Handymax, carriers of 40,000–50,000 DWT
  • Panamax, the largest size that can traverse the original locks of the Panama Canal, a 294.13 m (965.0 ft) length, a 32.2 m (106 ft) width, and a 12.04 m (39.5 ft) draft as well as a height limit of 57.91 m (190.0 ft). Limited to 52,000 DWT loaded, 80,000 DWT empty.
  • Neopanamaxupgraded Panama locks with 366 m (1,201 ft) length, 55 m (180 ft) beam, 18 m (59 ft) depth, 120,000 DWT[4]
  • Capesize, vessels larger than Suezmax and Neopanamax, and must traverse the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn to travel between oceans
  • Chinamax, carriers of 380,000–400,000 DWT up to 24 m (79 ft) draft, 65 m (213 ft) beam and 360 m (1,180 ft) length; these dimensions are limited by port infrastructure in China

Chinamax, Capesize, Neopanamax and Panamax are all waaaaaaay to big for our port.

The smallest classification of ocean going ships is the HandySize. Handysize is a naval architecture term for smaller bulk carriers or oil tanker with deadweight of up to 50,000 tonnes.

Handysize bulkers are built mainly by shipyards in JapanKoreaChinaVietnam, the Philippines and India, though a few other countries also have the capacity to build such vessels. 

The most common industry-standard specification handysize bulker is now about 32,000 metric tons of deadweight on a summer draft of about 10 metres (33 ft), and features 5 cargo holds with hydraulically operated hatch covers, with four 30 metric ton cranes for cargo handling.

These ships would be scraping the bottom if they were leaving the dock fully loaded in Pensacola.

If you were an international shipping company whose fleet needed 33 ft of water and you looked up the Pensacola port and it has just 33 feet of water are you coming here??

Math is math.  

Port of Pensacola...Too small, too shallow, too expensive, no containers, lazy director.


When was the last Dredging done??

Does the Port have a dredge plan??

Someone please answer these questions!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Kerrigan Knee Deep In Hayward Criminal Investigation

Did anyone notice Bob Kerrigan getting into the Criminal Brain Trust of Mayor Hayward?


9/8/2014 Attend meeting and conference call regarding strategy on public response with David L McGee J Nixon Daniel, Gregory R Miller Ashton Hayward Tamara and Bob Kerrigan

9/15/2014 Telephone call  from Bob Kerrigan and additional edit to viewpoint letter

If anyone is deposing Kerrigan in the Fire Chief case, may want to ask him some questions about his participation in the criminal matter.  If he can't provide a retention engagement letter, he may not have any attorney client privilege.

When we get into the Yahoo emails under the public records request of City business files held by Beggs & Lane, we may see Mr. Kerrigan has been our shadow Mayor since the beginning.