Thursday, November 9, 2017

Wow! City Funnies, We just can't help ourselves!

In his weekly "interview" with Andrew Tallman on AM1620 FM 92.3, the Mayor went after Quint Studer regarding his opposition to the fish hatchery at Bruce Beach.  The Mayor actually called Studer's opposition to the hatchery CHILDISH.

Other Statements:

  • "The hatchery will draw other businesses in the sector to the area."  What businesses, fish poop processors, fish food processors?
  • "The hatchery will draw people to the waterfront."  For what? You have to win a grant to have any amenities added to the project.
  • "The hatchery will enhance our position as a sportsfishing destination."  What? Really?  Little bitty fishing poles and little baby nets.
  • Opposition to the hatchery "is very bizarre to me"

"It's sad if we are going to have one person control everything in our community"

"Its Childish!"
"Its Petty!"

Well then Mayor, is NAIOP childish and petty?  Good luck running against Grover if you call NAIOP childish and petty.

While we are on it, the Governor doesn't care where we put it.

Moving on.  Congrats to Cat Country for winning SMALL Market radio station of the year.
SMALL MARKET?  What?  Pensacola is a small market?  Good thing we have a small minded Mayor!

Pensacola is a buy Mr. Mayor!  If you are looking to downsize to a smaller market!


CJ Lewis said...

Hayward's position is all about his ego. His home is for sale if anyone has $1.9 to spent on a concrete block house. Last month, he told two city residents that he is not going to run for reelection. During that same discussion, he expressed his views on the citizenry, "I don't give a @#$% about the people of Pensacola." Earlier in the month, he warned a non-city resident outside of a county commission meeting, "I can have you arrested!" In sum, Hayward has blown "all" of his gaskets.

Anonymous said...

He knows he doesn't have a chance against Grover. His home is for sale? Interesting. That must be why he tried to shut down the Pumpkin run right before it started. He was furious. Potential buyers couldn't get in? Hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hayward shouldn’t be re-elected even if no one else was running! He and his administration has been a total disaster and complete failure by every measure. There literally are too many failures to count. He is an embarrassment to Pensacola and has singlehandedly made this the Downside of Florida. News flash: Hayward NEVER gave a £#€% about Pensacola and that should be obvious to even a casual observer. Hopefully all of the other “trash” that’s been accumulated over the year will finally be cleared out too. (Barker, Wells, Sisson, Olson, Wilkins, Gibson, Owens, Miller, Lyter, Weeks, Allen, McLellan x 2, etc) Good riddance and don’t let the door knob hit you in the @$$!!!