Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Hatchery Time Line

As with most issues we are seeing Mayor Wayward's complete lack of concern for process...a timeline speaks volumes as to how things have gone so wrong.

Recently I visited the City Permitting Department to inspect ALL plans & documents contained with in permit #17-02-0258.  Mr. Weeks was out for the day yet the permitting department was in good hands during his absence. I was met with professional & courteous staff that were helpful during my review of public records.  

The Official name of the project is Gulf Coast Marine Fisheries Hatchery / Enhancement Center

17-02-0258 was issued for 7 acres...presumably for the building site.

Sam Marshall is Architect of Record
BDI is Engineer of Record

Previously posted permit issued on 2/13/17

A permit number was assigned upon receipt of the civil engineering & building plans.  Review began immediately for the plans as well as  review date stamps for the following:

Plumbing: K Burg 2/16/17
Mechanical : K Lupton 2/22/17
Electrical:  Whitmire 2/21/17

Engineering Review was also completed  and FAILED on 2/21/17 by Brad Hinote.  Resubmission was received 10/18/17.

DEP documents reflect Permit Issuance Date: March 22, 2017
Permit Construction Phase Expiration Date March 21, 2022

Environmental Resource Permit- Granted
State-owned Submerged Lands Authorization - Not Required.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Authorization - Separate Corps Authorization Required.

Escambia County Permit #0351411-001-EI/17

Florida DEP
Pearce Barrett NRPA Project Coordinator

The City Staff timeline reflects immediate and complete review,  only FWC and Mayor Hayward can speak to the long gap in between.  The Mayor often cites his "Real Estate background" yet the management of this and other contracts speaks to his failure to manage deadlines and his complete lack of attention to detail.

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