Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Free Hatchery to Cost the City

My recent review of the hatchery permitting and plans uncovered a previously undisclosed fact.


Based on the permit review that the project failed, item number 22 states:

"Reconstruction of Clubbs Street to comply with City Standard Street Reconstruction Detail.  Detail attached to this document.

R:  The intent of the Clubbs Street improvements was to provide some rehabilitation of the existing pavement.  The FBC has met with City Administration discussing some improvements to Clubbs Street and for the City to absorb the cost of rehabilitation."

Hold the phone!  Its not a free project if we have to pay for it!

R continues:  It is our current understanding that the City may not have the funding available for this rehabilitation.  If City funding is not available, the FWC may choose to remove these improvements from the plan set.

So...the free, useless hatchery will actually end up costing the Citizens how much?

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