Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sisson False Claims of Degree? Here we go again!

Attached is the employee file of Edward Franklin Sisson.  It will reflect that he a self promoter and is always looking for ways to "pad" his own employee file.


It contains:

  • His contract with the Mayor
  • His list of achievements which includes firing people
  • His payroll changes and adjustments
  • His personal email
  • His permission to teach motorcycle safety at night and on the weekends
Heck, it contains his fiance and mama's addresses and phone numbers.

What it does NOT contain:
  • a resume or
  • an application
So...absent any additional documentation that the man who wants to make sure everything he sees as beneficial is included in his employee file...we, the Citizens, must take Mr. Sisson's previous work history at his word.  

That has worked in the past hasn't it?

Well what is his word?

Edward F. Sisson currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer. He holds a degree in Human Resources along with 15+ years experience working in small, medium, and large companies, in both for-profit and not-for-profit environments. His industry experience includes consulting, manufacturing, municipal government, benefits outsourcing, higher education, and healthcare.

He has a strong background working in the public sector of Human Resources and his experience includes working in generalist, specialist, and managerial roles. Prior to the City of Pensacola, Edward worked as a Human Resource Business Partner with Alabama Medicaid, Alabama Department of Transportation, the City of Jacksonville, Florida, and Hillsborough County Civil Service Office.

Edward earned a Bachelor Degree of Science majoring in Psychology at Troy University and has secured four professional certifications to include: Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), Retirement Plans Associate (RPA), and Group Benefits Associate (GBA).

Hmm! Anyone see the discrepancy?

Evidently the man has two degrees! 

One in Human Resources which would qualify him for his current job.

And one in Psychology which is nice but would be irrelevant to his current role.

Which is it Ed? Human Resources, Psychology? How do we know if you have a degree at all?

For all we know you could have been running trailer parks in the greater Tallahassee area before coming here.

Only Jose knows!  And he doesn't look like he is telling.


Anonymous said...

LinkedIn has a little more information. Interestingly, he only lists one degree and an ill fated attempt to earn an MBA at the University of North Florida. Tellingly, in a recommendation to a classmate, he had the following to say:

"I [Edward Sisson] was fortunate enough to have worked closely with Sungman as a fellow student...I was always thankful to have him as part of any group project as he was always thorough...and early in completing anything passed his way (to include his forward thinking to cover to work of others that were not pulling their own weight)..."

I would have been thankful for someone to pull my slack too, but I wouldn't publicize it in a recommendation on a Career Social Media Platform. Sadly, having someone else do your own work was not enough to graduate.

Anonymous said...

If Sisson has a degree in Psychology ONLY, that would be very telling. It would explain his total bewilderment regarding anything related to HR and would give insight to his numerous failures. Maybe he used Psychology on Hayward to bamboozle him, though it's doubtful it would have taken much to fool the inept Mayor and his minions. After countless HR blunders at the hands of Sisson, you'd think there would be serious buyer's remorse but not in this corrupt town. This is just one of many reasons Hayward needs to go!!!

Anonymous said...

He definitely has a degree in @$$ kissing! Its pathetic to watch him walk around with his head entirely up Hayward's butt.

Anonymous said...

Why does this guy still even have a job. I would say that he looks like he should be a ditch digger but that would be insulting to those hard workers. Presumably another in the long line of loser picks by Hayward. He sure can pick 'em. SMH