Friday, October 20, 2017

Leases...Council Must Approve Changes...Until Hayward Decides They Don't

The unbelievable amount of fish "nutrients" that Mayor Hayward and email snitch Olson are spewing over this fish hatchery lease is comical.

Below are lease facts regarding the City.  They are indisputable.

When Bob Kerrigan's lease at the airport needed to be amended to allow subleasing, Council had to approve.

When Julian McQueen wanted to assign his lease at the airport to Pensacola Aviation, Council had to approve.

When Offshore Inland wanted to change their long term rental agreement to dump a warehouse, agree to a balloon payment for back rent and reduce their future rent payments, Council had to approve.

When Offshore Inland couldn't make their balloon payment and needed another concession, Council had to approve.

When Resicum needed their uses amended at the Airport to allow for helicopter flight training, Council had to approve.

When FWC voids its lease specifically as detailed in the document regarding commencement of construction, NO COUNCIL APPROVAL IS NEEDED.

Here is my take:

  • Olson was the initiative coordinator over this Rick Scott accommodation before he was overpromoted.  He had and has no idea what he is doing in his job.
  • Hayward got his PR win back in 2011 when he called his emergency meeting and got conceptual approval
  • The FWC got its PR win back in 2011 when they got the BP funds earmarked.
  • This project has been number 97 on both the City and the FWC's  top 100 to do list since 2014.
  • Someone woke up in February and figured out that the FWC was waaaaaay behind glideslope on this project and put in the bull "nutrient" permit so that something was in the system.
  • When the PNJ started looking, Olson exclaimed "Oh "Nutrient"!
  • Then the lease was reviewed and the lease was actually VOID under the LDC definition of construction.  Olson said "Holy Nutrient"
  • Then the CRA requirement and angle was pointed out by the PNJ as detailed in today's article.
  • When it was pointed out to him yesterday by the reporter, Olson must have called Hayward and said "  We are in deep "Nutrient"!
Folks!  This is a typical Ashton Hayward real estate project! 

One big sad pile of "Nutrient"!


Anonymous said...

fl statutes - 163.380 Disposal of property in community redevelopment area.

Anonymous said...

Statements from these clowns border on the absurd. Quote from the News Journal -

"McRae (Gil McRae, director of FL Fish and Wildlife Research Institute) has previously said the commission has already attained several documents (Wow!) including an aquaculture permit, gas connection agreement, water and wastewater connection approval and development plan approval. But the permits appear to fail to satisfy the definition of construction in the city's land development code."

Anyone at any time can get a letter regarding any parcel of property from the gas company (owned by the city) and a letter about water and sewer availability from ECUA. That doesn't come close to "commencing construction." What does it take to get a "aquaculture permit?" Probably not much, especially since it's one state agency permitting another state agency.

Anonymous said...

Just another example of why Hayward should have never been elected in the first place. His re-election in 2014 was downright sad and underscores the overall sense of indifference in this town. There are at least a dozen reasons to recall him right now and probably 100 reasons not to vote for him in 2018. (NOT HYPERBOLE) Yet, I'm not so certain he would lose based on the apathy and utter failure to hold him and his administration accountable for anything. There is overwhelming evidence of incompetence as well as a lack of respect for the people and the rule of law, yet here he is poised for another 4 year term. Pensacola, you've been getting exactly what you deserve!

George Hawthorne said...

The City's liability is running high if a citizen's group file a lawsuit challenging the validity of the Lease.