Monday, October 16, 2017

Wow! Does B. stand for Bold?

City Councilman Larry B. Johnson responds to Andy Marlette's Saturday cartoon on his Facebook page:

LBJ says:
Always a good day when I make an Andy Marlette cartoon. I let Andy and Quint Studer at PNJ management (know) that I had a good laugh. Ever since Quint took over the PNJ it's been a lot easier to know where he stands politically, on issues like the Pelicans, fish hatchery, etc. It will be interesting to see who Quint and the PNJ support in the 2018 elections!

Ding Ding!

Lllllllllletttt's Get Ready to Rumbllllllllllle!

More Articles on Fish Hatcheries

“You get to see the best of both worlds. You get to see what the government is doing in terms of trying to enhance the stocks up in the Squamish area, but you can also see [the fish] doing their own business as well, which is a huge draw,” he said, though adding in December the area “reeks” because there’s thousands of carcasses in the lake.
After so many years working with fish, Smith said he still usually enjoys eating salmon, but not during spawning season when the smell of the rotting fish pervades. 
After smelling rotting fish all day he doesn’t have the stomach to cook salmon once he gets home, he said with a laugh.
New Stinky!

When you get to Paris, look for the fish hatchery…if you can’t see it, you’ll probably smell it. The tower is just past the hatchery, but you’ll have to get outta the car and walk through the woods for a couple of minutes before you come across it. I visited this area some years ago and it was an interesting little side trip.

New Stinky!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Sisson False Claims of Degree? Here we go again!

Attached is the employee file of Edward Franklin Sisson.  It will reflect that he a self promoter and is always looking for ways to "pad" his own employee file.


It contains:

  • His contract with the Mayor
  • His list of achievements which includes firing people
  • His payroll changes and adjustments
  • His personal email
  • His permission to teach motorcycle safety at night and on the weekends
Heck, it contains his fiance and mama's addresses and phone numbers.

What it does NOT contain:
  • a resume or
  • an application
So...absent any additional documentation that the man who wants to make sure everything he sees as beneficial is included in his employee file...we, the Citizens, must take Mr. Sisson's previous work history at his word.  

That has worked in the past hasn't it?

Well what is his word?

Edward F. Sisson currently serves as the Chief Human Resources Officer. He holds a degree in Human Resources along with 15+ years experience working in small, medium, and large companies, in both for-profit and not-for-profit environments. His industry experience includes consulting, manufacturing, municipal government, benefits outsourcing, higher education, and healthcare.

He has a strong background working in the public sector of Human Resources and his experience includes working in generalist, specialist, and managerial roles. Prior to the City of Pensacola, Edward worked as a Human Resource Business Partner with Alabama Medicaid, Alabama Department of Transportation, the City of Jacksonville, Florida, and Hillsborough County Civil Service Office.

Edward earned a Bachelor Degree of Science majoring in Psychology at Troy University and has secured four professional certifications to include: Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Employee Benefits Specialist (CEBS), Retirement Plans Associate (RPA), and Group Benefits Associate (GBA).

Hmm! Anyone see the discrepancy?

Evidently the man has two degrees! 

One in Human Resources which would qualify him for his current job.

And one in Psychology which is nice but would be irrelevant to his current role.

Which is it Ed? Human Resources, Psychology? How do we know if you have a degree at all?

For all we know you could have been running trailer parks in the greater Tallahassee area before coming here.

Only Jose knows!  And he doesn't look like he is telling.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Who's the City's insurance broker of record?

On September 27, 2017, the following memo was sent to City Council

A few weeks ago, Jim Odom, the City's long time insurance broker of record passed away.  This is an advertised RFQ position.   I was wondering who is presently serviing in that role and made the following records request.

On September 27 the City Administrator issued a memo informing Council of the Mayor purchasing insurance policies.  Who was the selling insurance agent for each policy listed in the memorandum.  Additionally, with Mr. Odom passing away who is the City's agent of record since his passing?  When is the agent of record due to be rebid?

The response I got?

The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request for public records.

How can the City no longer have a Broker of Record?

Insurance guys, any insight here?

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Brittany Forge, Lavallet...Strap it On. Your World is about to Change!

On 9/28/2017, an amendment was made to the lease between the City of Pensacola and Resicum International LLC.

The amendment simply added flight training to the existing lease.

Whats the issue?

I posted this before

It was a Bob Kerrigan sweetheart deal!

Now the UH-60s are not only going to be maintained as listed in the original lease, but helicopter flight training is now OK!

Test Pilot?  What happens when the test fails?
Instructor Pilot?  Students?  OJT?

What could possibly go wrong?

Noise  - 85 decibels in hover

Hearing Loss  A bulldozer that is idling (note that this is idling, not actively bulldozing) is loud enough at 85 dB that it can cause permanent damage after only 1 work day (8 hours).

A Current Job Listing

Maintenance Test Pilot and Instructor Pilot – UH-60M

Pensacola, Florida • 01-03-2017
Job Description:
Perform the duties of maintenance test pilot to support a Rotary Wing Flight Academy.  Perform the duties of a maintenance test pilot specific to the UH-60M.
Prepare reports and communications as needed.
Perform duties as an instructor to instruct UH-60M familiarization and maintenance check courses as needed to backfill instructors.
Other duties as required.

Education and Experience:
  • Graduate of the UH-60M MAINTENANCE TEST PILOT Course, Ft. Rucker
  • Minimum of 1000 hours Pilot in Command, 100 hours in UH 60M, and 300 hours in similar aircraft type (UH 60M/A/L)
  • UH-60M Instructor Pilot Course Graduate Desired
  • Minimum five years’ demonstrable experience as a Maintenance Test Pilot, with minimum of one year on the UH-60M.
  • Experience as an Instructor Pilot/Flight Examiner preferred; experience teaching and working with foreign students highly preferred


FAA Commercial/Instrument PILOT- Rotorcraft;
CFI preferred

  • Must be able to pass background check
  • Must be flexible and work well with others
  • Excellent Oral and Written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to meet reporting requirements and all deadlines
  • Excellent customer management skills
  • Demonstrated Leadership Skills
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to delegate effectively

Location:  Pensacola, FL
Resicum International LLC is a veteran owned small business and equal opportunity employer.  We offer competitive compensation packages, a good work environment and the opportunity to grow with our small business.  Find out more about us by visiting

Salary Range: Market Competitive
Relocation: Negotiable
Start Date:  Immediate
Travel: N/A