Thursday, September 14, 2017

Why Some But Not All?

Five part-time officers are being let go at the Airport because they are City retirees.

But why not all part-timers who are City retirees?  There is another!

The PPD has one retired part-time officer who participated in the DROP but has not worked at the airport. He has been working off-duty jobs such as Blue Wahoos games, festivals, 5k runs etc. Since he was not employed at the airport, he was not on the list of part-time officers who were axed from the airport. Part-timers have always been all able to work off-duty jobs as well.

I understand the "Airport Five" would like to remain as part-time officers in order to work events.

The PPD general order on part-time officers does not require part-time officers to work at the airport to be eligible to work off-duty jobs. Off-duty jobs are paid by individual businesses therefore they do not receive any kind of benefit from the city. A letter was submitted to the Chief asking if the retirees being let go will still be permitted to work off-duty jobs, per the General Order.  The policy on part time officers is clear. There is no reason for the five part-time officers being let go to not remain classified as part-time officers and allowed to work events.

Come on Chief, Olson, and Sisson...Fair for one, Fair for all!

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