Thursday, September 7, 2017

City to Terminate 5 Airport Police Officers Sept 24

In a brilliant move by the City Administrator, Ed Sisson and Chief Lyter, the City is terminating the employment of five police officers with a combined experience of greater than 100 years in order to put current full time officers in the roles and PAY THEM OVERTIME to work the airport.

The current airport police presence includes 5 retired PPD officers who work PART-TIME to supplement the airport operations.

Due to alleged issues with the Florida Retirement System, all of which local attorney Ed Fleming believe could be worked out, tricky Dick Barker used the proverbial City Coconut telegraph to let the officers know they would be terminated on September 24.

My understanding is:

  • Olson told Barker
  • Barker emailed Lyter
  • Lyter emailed the Captain of the Uniform Patrol Division
  • who emailed the officers a memo informing them of their termination.
Individuals who all have served the City over 20 years get..."Here read this memo...your fired!"

More to come!


Anonymous said...

Asshat Wayward to officers....Thank you for your Bye Bye!

Anonymous said...

Thank David