Wednesday, September 6, 2017

City Third Quarter Financial Report...Highlights Barker Won't Talk About

Airport Fund

Overall Airport operating revenues were $565,700 below the FY 2016 operating revenue for the same time period. Airline Revenues were $673,900 below the prior fiscal year and Non-Airline Revenues exceeded the prior year by $108,200. This decrease in Airline Revenues is mainly attributed to the reduction in the Air Carrier Landing Fees for this fiscal year compared to the prior fiscal year.

Great Job Mayor!

Port Fund

Operating revenues for FY 2017 were $548,800 below the FY 2016 operating revenues for the same time period. The majority of this decrease is due to a decrease in dockage revenue. The decrease in dockage is the result of fewer vessel dockage days being logged through the third quarter of FY 2017 as compared to the same time period in FY 2016.

Great Job Mayor!

Sanitation Fund

Effective June 1, 2017, the monthly Sanitation rate of $22.80 increased by $1.26 to a new monthly rate of $24.06 as well as a $1.00 per month Sanitation Equipment Surcharge followed by an increase in that surcharge by an additional $1.00 in FY 2019. 

Great Job Mayor!

Roger Scott Tennis Center

Roger Scott Tennis Center expenditures exceeded revenues by $64,600 through the third quarter. 

Great Job Mayor!

Municipal Golf Course Fund

Golf Course expenditures (including total City sponsored pension costs) exceeded revenues by $193,500 before the General Fund subsidy of $165,000 through the third quarter.

Great Job Mayor!

Looks like the CEO of the City is running all of the NON-TAX related operations fabulously!
Keep up the losses sir!

But the Airport has delicious chicken sandwiches....except on Sundays!

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Anonymous said...

You may have drawn the wrong conclusion on the Airport fund. The Airport is not a profit center per FAA rules. Drop in Airline revenue is good if it was projected due to a lowering of landing fees. That makes it cheaper for the airlines to operate which will theoretically result in lower ticket prices. Non-airline revenue going up appears to be because they got rid of Varona's and put the new concessions in. Non-airline revenue going up is a good thing.