Monday, August 7, 2017

Police Report: Alleged Attempted Murder, Council Member a Potential Suspect...No Charges Filed.

Here's the summary:

  • In 2015, a local resident suspected that someone was trying to kill him.
  • A local City Council Member was named in the PPD police report as a "Potential Suspect".
  • The PPD did re-creations, interviewed many, and even placed a camera in the victim's room.
  • A witness tipped off the Council Member of the PPD investigation.
  • PPD identified three first degree misdemeanors and one Third Degree Felony Violation concerning people involved in the investigation.
  • This included interfering in an active police investigation concerning notifying the Council Member who was a "Potential Suspect".
  • Ultimately though this is Pensacola and no charges are actually filed.
Would you like to read the incident report or should I discuss the budget short falls some more?


Anonymous said...

Please post the police report.

Anonymous said...

Police report please...We all know the budget is and always will be a hot mess with Hayward and Barker involved.

Anonymous said...

Police report.

Lulu said...