Friday, August 18, 2017

The Transparent City Hall

The difference in a professional organization and the downtown Hayward / Bobblehead circus.

Pensacola Police Department - A Professional Organization

  • Separate Public Records department
  • Personally contacts records requestors the next day to ask questions to clarify
  • Makes recommendations to reduce wasted time and effort
  • Desires to get the CITIZEN what they are requesting
  • Pleasant, personal interactions with the public
The Hayward / Bobblehead Circus - A Joke by Any Standard
  • Citizens can only submit requests by electronic means
  • No calls.  No clarifications.  You enter and wait for a reply.
  • Make the requestor ask again where it is after delaying a week. 
  • If not worded exactly right, the answer is No Responsive Records
  • May as well say "We are not giving you anything until you figure out a way to request in a manner we can't deny."
  • Then ask for an obscene amount of money to provide a document both the City and the reqestor know what it is, that it exists and could be ready to go within minutes.
  • Require payment of public records ransom before providing
  • Wait til after 5pm on a Friday before providing
The professional who handles at PPD probably makes less than a third of what Bobblehead makes.

I would not want to be a City employee and work under this regime for all the tea in China.  

It must be UNBEARABLE.

Updated: City Playing Games Again With Public Records

A week ago on August 11, I made a public records request concerning a report about the Airport Fire Department.

A source had told me that the airport's fire service may have failed an inspection.

I asked for the inspection report. 1 document!

In the old days, the Fire Department had its own public records officer who would actually contact me himself to tell me what documents I should request as public records to get the information I wanted.

Now that overly helpful public records officer is Chief and I guess he doesn't feel the need to provide the information on what is happening in the department as quickly.

It's always a game with the City.  Transparent as a black hole.

Sooner or later you have to give it up!


Within 10 minutes.  More games!


Maren DeWeese

RE: PUBLIC RECORDS REQUEST of 8/11/2017 Reference # W001983-081117 for the following information: 
Copy of Airport Fire stations / operations recent failed inspection report

Dear Maren DeWeese, 

This letter responds to your public records request to the City of Pensacola, dated and received on 8/11/2017.
The City of Pensacola has reviewed its files and has determined there are no responsive records or documents to your request for public records. 
Consider refining your request to provide better results. If you have any questions or require additional information please contact me directly at (850) 435-1715 or Thank you for using the Sunshine Center.


Lysia H. Bowling
City Attorney
Office of the City Attorney

222 W. Main Street
Pensacola, FL 32502
(850) 435-1715

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Questions regarding the Nursing Home Incident

Prior to posting the PPD incident report  I interviewed an involved party. The person was very concerned about several issues surrounding the case.  Of those issues, I am researching the following surrounding the nursing home incident:
  • What information is reflected in the sworn (written and recorded) statements of the nursing home employees that were interviewed by the PPD?
  • What did any videos obtained in the investigation reflect?
  • What was recorded on the hidden camera placed in the alleged victim's room?
  • 4 potential crimes are noted in the police report, yet no action is taken by the PPD.  Were the PPD officers instructed by anyone within the department to end the investigation?
  • Why was the City Councilman not interviewed even though he was identified as a "potential suspect"?
I was contacted by the police depatment to discuss my public records request today.  Based on my discussion, the request is substantial and will take some time to assemble and redact any confidential information.

As I receive answers to these questions and my data requests, I will post them here without opinion but merely present the facts as they are provided to me.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Tracking MacQueen

The PNJ recently did a story on Julian MacQueen's round the world flight.

Well if you want to track his progress here's how.

In the search area, search for N199HJ.  It shows that the MacQueen's are now in Shannon, Ireland.

Based on Flightaware his trip has started out like this:

11:07AM GMTKeflavik Int'l - KEF
02:33PM ISTShannon - SNN
2h 26m
11:37AM ADTCFB Goose Bay (Goose Bay) - YYR
02:24PM -02Narsarsuaq - UAK
1h 47m
09:00AM ADTHalifax Int'l - YHZ
10:25AM ADTCFB Goose Bay (Goose Bay) - YYR
1h 25m
11:40AM EDTPiedmont Triad Intl - GSO
03:01PM ADTHalifax Int'l - YHZ
2h 21m
02:27PM CDTPensacola Intl - PNS
04:55PM EDTPiedmont Triad Intl - GSO
1h 28m

Trip of a lifetime!  How cool!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Public Records Request

Police Department Public Records Request 


PPD15OFF011007 Documents, video, photos, complete file, records, any and all obtained/produced within this incident to include: 
  • video recordings from victims room, 
  • interview notes, 
  • photo evidence of air tubing
  • recording of interviews  
  • Interviews  
  • Also please provide any and all emails to/from David Alexander and any supervisors.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Police Report: Alleged Attempted Murder, Council Member a Potential Suspect...No Charges Filed.

Here's the summary:

  • In 2015, a local resident suspected that someone was trying to kill him.
  • A local City Council Member was named in the PPD police report as a "Potential Suspect".
  • The PPD did re-creations, interviewed many, and even placed a camera in the victim's room.
  • A witness tipped off the Council Member of the PPD investigation.
  • PPD identified three first degree misdemeanors and one Third Degree Felony Violation concerning people involved in the investigation.
  • This included interfering in an active police investigation concerning notifying the Council Member who was a "Potential Suspect".
  • Ultimately though this is Pensacola and no charges are actually filed.
Would you like to read the incident report or should I discuss the budget short falls some more?