Monday, July 24, 2017

Hayward's Port Summary...He and Amy Miller have done a great job...of FAILING.

As a landlord port the Port of Pensacola’s budget is based on tenant lease obligations and normal recurring cargo. In recent years, the Port has been supporting the expansion of offshore service industry uses. However, in recent years, the offshore service industry has been in a decline and Port revenues have decreased.

The Port’s fiscal year 2018 budget totals $1,777,900, a decrease of $948,800 from last fiscal year. The bulk of this decrease is attributed to a $557,200 decrease in State Grant Revenues. The Fund Balance drawdown will increase $50,000 for a total amount of $150,000.

With the decline in Port Revenues, there are no matching funds available for grants therefore, the Port is not anticipating State Grants in fiscal year 2018. As a result of the slowing industry, Property Rental, which is based on the collection of rent from current tenants, will decrease $170,200. Also resulting from the industry slowdown and the anticipated vessels coming to the Port of Pensacola, Dockage is decreasing $85,000 and Wharfage will decrease $81,400. Storage is also decreasing by $56,100 based on the industry and current year activity. Based on the recovery of actual power bill charges for Port leased facilities and the use of shore power by vessels, Lighting is anticipated to decrease $35,000.


Losses, losses, losses...What does the Port Economic Development Manager do all day?

Hang out with Amy Miller at Pensacola Bay Brewery?


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Anonymous said...

We see Miller & Merritt there usually every Friday after 3. BUSTED! Now they have to find a different place to drink. Looks like working at the port is a pretty laid back job. Sign me up :)