Friday, July 14, 2017

Ever Want to Know How Sausage is Made?

Below is a link to the Budget Manual used by the City staff to "develop" the annual city budget.  When you break it all down, the system pre-populates with what was the budget last year.

So what's wrong with that?

Anyone remember the "20 Solutions for 2011" hoohaa that the Mayor said were the foundations of his Administration?

Under "Taking Action" one of his promises was:

Prioritize the City's Spending of Revenues, moving from the current budgetary approach, to a "near-zero-based" budgetary approach, requiring all budget allocations to undergo a justification process.

If your own budget guideline manual says on page 6:

FY 2017 Operating Expense - Each department/division will be provided with the same operating budget as Fiscal Year 2016, less the Technology Resources Cost Allocation, Liability costs and one-time expenses, in an Eden Budget Document. No forms will be required for the base operating.

No forms will be required for base operating?
Does that sound Zero Based to you?
Does that sound like "all budget allocations to undergo a justification process"?

Hayward is just a bunch of words, pictures, smiles and empty promises.


NotaGOB said...

Sounds like the same BS we get from the current President for Now, Treasonous Trump. The folks of Pensacola and the Florida Panhandle vote for these fools repeatedly with little concern about the consequences. The last 30 years have seen complete Republican control over all forms of government along the entire panhandle, yet all we ever hear about is how the Libtard Democrats are messing everything up in our region. The Democratic Party has an almost ZERO presence in the panhandle yet still gets blamed for all the many missteps caused by the regions Republican Oligarchs.

Anonymous said...

The administration of the city of Pensacola is run like a college fraternity.

It is an embarrassment to educated citizens.

Anonymous said...

NotaGOB....did you comment on the wrong thread? This was about Hayward and his usual mismanagement. Try to stay on point.