Wednesday, July 12, 2017

CMPA to Waste $125,000 on a Sign!!

Only in Pensacola!
  • Build a gorgeous park for the Citizens!
  • Let Judy Bense and UWF skip out on their promised investment!
  • Whine about how it doesn't make money.
  • Chase your major tenant for every penny.
  • Mismanage the facility and attract no paying events to the park.
  • Deny leases for parcels unrented in years.
  • Wait over 5 years and then what....
Decide to Pay over $125,000 for a sign that will:
  • sit on the road where it can be seen...No!
  • have a message board to sell advertisements...Not in Julius Spencer's town 
No...Sit in the grass on the far side of a pond in the shadow of the only major building!



Anonymous said...

The CMPA Design Committee and full Board spent over 5 years, hundreds of hours of staff time and thousands of dollars of private sign companies and other designers only to pull the design from the original submission way back in 2010? WOW!!!! Great job all. Congrats.

Anonymous said...

Is it internally lit?

Anonymous said...

What's the big deal? $125,000 is a drop in the bucket compared to the millions and millions of dollars that have vaporized since this "project" was conceived back in 2004. At least this time the city taxpayers will get an actual piece of plastic and sheet metal for our $125,000. Park super-supporter Jane Birdwell was paid well over $200,000 in 2008 to, among other things, develop "Twitter accounts for CMPA board members." That was even before she jumped on another gravy train.

Well over $1,000,000 for "marketing" was dished out to other park supporters, some of whom had degrees from the University of Phoenix and were "working" out of their houses. What has been the result of any of that "marketing?" We know that Jane Birdwell has benefitted, but please show us how the taxpayers of Pensacola have benefitted from those Twitter accounts!

By the way, UWF never had any money do any of the things they were promising. This, and everything that has occurred since 2004, was plainly evident to anyone who was not wearing rose-colored glasses.

Anonymous said...

Horsecrap... it is not going there without Studer begging for it. Somewhere in the wood pile is a Studer wanting it paid for at public expense.

Anonymous said...

Jane Birdwell.... Another A$$ Amy Miller & Clark Miller kisses.