Monday, July 31, 2017

Hayward/Patel Secret Public Private Partnership

As Mayor Hayward secretly meets trying to form his public private partnership to bring minor league basketball to Pensacola I thought it may be good to see the key elements to a successful public private partnership.  I hope this helps him avoid the potential pitfalls.

7 Keys to Successful P3s
The following are to be considered “best practices” in the development of public-private partnerships (P3s). It is recognized that the methodology for implementation of P3s can vary, depending on the nature of a given project and local concerns. Given this, it is the position of the NCPPP that these are “best practices”:

Recognized public figures should serve as the spokespersons and advocates for the project and the use of a P3. Well-informed champions can play a critical role in minimizing misperceptions about the value to the public of an effectively developed P3.
There should be a statutory foundation for the implementation of each partnership. Transparency and a competitive proposal process should be delineated in this statute. However, unsolicited proposals can be a positive catalyst for initiating creative, innovative approaches to addressing specific public sector needs.
The public sector should have a dedicated team for P3 projects or programs. This unit should be involved from conceptualization to negotiation, through final monitoring of the execution of the partnership. This unit should develop Requests For Proposals (RFPs) that include performance goals, not design specifications. Consideration of proposals should be based on best value, not lowest prices. Thorough, inclusive value for money (VFM) calculations provide a powerful tool for evaluating overall economic value.
A P3 is a contractual relationship between the public and private sectors for the execution of a project or service. This contract should include a detailed description of the responsibilities, risks and benefits of both the public and private partners. Such an agreement will increase the probability of success of the partnership. Realizing that all contingencies cannot be foreseen, a good contract will include a clearly defined method of dispute resolution.
While the private partner may provide a portion or all of the funding for capital improvements, there must be an identifiable revenue stream sufficient to retire this investment and provide an acceptable rate of return over the term of the partnership. The income stream can be generated by a variety and combination of sources (fees, tolls, availability payments, shadow tolls, tax increment financing, commercial use of underutilized assets or a wide range of additional options), but must be reasonably assured for the length of the partnership’s investment period.
More people will be affected by a partnership than just the public officials and the private sector partner. Affected employees, the portions of the public receiving the service, the press, appropriate labor unions and relevant interest groups will all have opinions, and may have misconceptions about a partnership and its value to all the public. It is important to communicate openly and candidly with these stakeholders to minimize potential resistance to establishing a partnership.
The “best value” (not always lowest price) in a partnership is critical in maintaining the long-term relationship that is central to a successful partnership. A candidate’s experience in the specific area of partnerships being considered is an important factor in identifying the right partner. Equally, the financial capacity of the private partner should be considered in the final selection process.

Well based on the above, is the Mayor is off on the right track??

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hayward Drops Some Important Standing Goals...Because They Aren't His Goal!

On Page 1 of the 2017 Budget, the Mayor had the following "Standing Goals":



Fiscally Responsible




Well from 2017 to 2018 those goals didn't stand!

On Page 1 of the 2018 Budget, the Mayor had the following "Standing Goals":




The  Mayor's "Stated Goals" have changed from Fiscally Responsible, Efficient, Accountable and Transparent to just Well-Managed.

The boy is just giving up on the 4 false claims of Fiscally Responsible, Efficient, Accountable and Transparent to just 1 false claim of Well-Managed.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Hayward to Drain the Tree Fund in 2018

On page 41 of the proposed 2018 City of Pensacola budget, Mayor Hayward sneaks in the DRAINING for the Tree Planting Trust Fund.

The Beginning Fund Balance in the Fund has the following history.

2015 - $614,797
2016 - $514,341
2017 - $181,000
2018 - $290,000
2019 - $0
2020 - $0

Hayward is sucking this fund dry, while historic oaks are leveled in historic numbers as the West Side gets redeveloped.

How many heritage oaks will be destroyed for the Hallmark School development?

Running the port in the ground,
Draining the Tree Fund,
Having a non-accredited police department,

No wonder he doesn't want budget workshops!

Let's find some more!


Monday, July 24, 2017

Hayward's Port Summary...He and Amy Miller have done a great job...of FAILING.

As a landlord port the Port of Pensacola’s budget is based on tenant lease obligations and normal recurring cargo. In recent years, the Port has been supporting the expansion of offshore service industry uses. However, in recent years, the offshore service industry has been in a decline and Port revenues have decreased.

The Port’s fiscal year 2018 budget totals $1,777,900, a decrease of $948,800 from last fiscal year. The bulk of this decrease is attributed to a $557,200 decrease in State Grant Revenues. The Fund Balance drawdown will increase $50,000 for a total amount of $150,000.

With the decline in Port Revenues, there are no matching funds available for grants therefore, the Port is not anticipating State Grants in fiscal year 2018. As a result of the slowing industry, Property Rental, which is based on the collection of rent from current tenants, will decrease $170,200. Also resulting from the industry slowdown and the anticipated vessels coming to the Port of Pensacola, Dockage is decreasing $85,000 and Wharfage will decrease $81,400. Storage is also decreasing by $56,100 based on the industry and current year activity. Based on the recovery of actual power bill charges for Port leased facilities and the use of shore power by vessels, Lighting is anticipated to decrease $35,000.


Losses, losses, losses...What does the Port Economic Development Manager do all day?

Hang out with Amy Miller at Pensacola Bay Brewery?


Friday, July 21, 2017

Budget Lies About Citizen Input

Barker's budget is full of downright lies.  Here is the biggest lie of all.

Page 376

The final deadline for all City departments to submit their budget packages for the Fiscal Year 2018 Budget to the Budget staff was February 27, 2017. During this time the Mayor reached out to Council Members and requested their priorities for the upcoming budget. The deadline for these priorities was February 13, 2017. Additionally during this time, public input meetings were held to allow the public to participate in the development of the budget.

Public input?  Pants on Fire!!!!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Barker's Bo-Bo Budget...His Attention to Detail Is Impressive...NOT

In round one of my 2018 Budget review for the Citizens, I would like to point out the complete lack of attention to the cookie cutter process the City of Pensacola Budget staff and Tricky Dick Barker really put into this important document.

Barker likes to tout his budget awards, but those awards are for form over substance.

Case in point.

On pages 445-450 Barker and the Bo-Bo brigade, detail the City of Pensacola's official Investment Policy to the worlds financial community.

That policy states in 4 places:

Repurchase agreements shall only be entered into with the City’s primary depository, Wachovia Bank National Association (N.A.), which is also identified as a qualified public depository.

The City has entered into only one Master Repurchase Agreement. Wachovia Bank National Association (N.A.), the City’s primary depository, holds the contract.

At this time the Sweep agreement is dormant. On August 1, 2001, the Financial Service Department changed its venue for daily investment of surplus funds. Surplus funds are being invested in a First Union product entitled “Public Funds Now”.

NOTE: Due to the September 4, 2001 merger of First Union Corporation and Wachovia Corporation, the name “First Union National Bank” has been replaced with “Wachovia Bank National Association (N.A.)” in this policy to be consistent with the November 18, 2002 name change. 

News Flash Dick....

In 2008, Wells Fargo & Company acquired Wachovia Corporation to create North America’s most extensive distribution system for financial services

2008 Dick!  10 Years Dick!  Way to go Dick!

Barker has not made any effort to update or correct the City's Investment Policy since 2010.

First Union and Wachovia are no longer in existence, but Captain Detail continues to burp out the same ridiculous garbage to the capital markets about how the City invests its funds.

Lot's more to come!!


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Since the Mayor Won't Let His Staff Present the Budget...I Will Point Out Some Interesting Items

Rick Outzen posted that the City staff will not be presenting anything regarding the budget in person for the first time in....ever.

The City has historically held budget workshops where department heads detail their budgets and give Council and the Public a chance to ask questions and understand the current operations of the departments.

"Transparent" Hayward has killed this important report to Council and the Citizens.  Once again, he proves that he is all words, smiles and photos and has no substance.

I will take this opportunity to share my own budget high lights over the coming weeks...with no opportunity for Tricky Dick to do anything but take it!

Check back regularly and see the budget items the Mayor and his CFO don't want you to know!

Game on!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Pensacola Whitewash...Lots of Questions but No One is Asking

Late Friday the news broke that Pensacola Police Chief Tommi Lyter's wife had been arrested for keying the car of a "victim" at the Fish House.

Read the PNJ article again.

The victim?

Read the WEAR piece.

The victim?

But WKRG, who evidently didn't get the memo to cover up the issue, ran the arrest report which identifies the "Victim"

So who is the victim...Angela Rockstad.  Angela Rockstad of the PFD.

Victim by definition is a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action.

Is Mrs. Lyter also the victim in this ongoing matter?

Questions the Press will never ask:
  • Why would Mrs. Lyter key her car?
  • Rockstad stated "that Brenda Lyter has a history of animosity towards her".  Why?
  • What did Rockstad do to Mrs. Lyter to earn her animosity?
  • Why did the press not publish the victim's name and dig into why this happened?
  • What is the nature of the relationship between Rockstad and both the Chief and Mrs. Lyter?
  • Where was a quote of support for his wife from the Chief?
  • Where was the Chief when this occurred?
Palafox Two Step...move along nothing to see here.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Ever Want to Know How Sausage is Made?

Below is a link to the Budget Manual used by the City staff to "develop" the annual city budget.  When you break it all down, the system pre-populates with what was the budget last year.

So what's wrong with that?

Anyone remember the "20 Solutions for 2011" hoohaa that the Mayor said were the foundations of his Administration?

Under "Taking Action" one of his promises was:

Prioritize the City's Spending of Revenues, moving from the current budgetary approach, to a "near-zero-based" budgetary approach, requiring all budget allocations to undergo a justification process.

If your own budget guideline manual says on page 6:

FY 2017 Operating Expense - Each department/division will be provided with the same operating budget as Fiscal Year 2016, less the Technology Resources Cost Allocation, Liability costs and one-time expenses, in an Eden Budget Document. No forms will be required for the base operating.

No forms will be required for base operating?
Does that sound Zero Based to you?
Does that sound like "all budget allocations to undergo a justification process"?

Hayward is just a bunch of words, pictures, smiles and empty promises.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

CMPA to Waste $125,000 on a Sign!!

Only in Pensacola!
  • Build a gorgeous park for the Citizens!
  • Let Judy Bense and UWF skip out on their promised investment!
  • Whine about how it doesn't make money.
  • Chase your major tenant for every penny.
  • Mismanage the facility and attract no paying events to the park.
  • Deny leases for parcels unrented in years.
  • Wait over 5 years and then what....
Decide to Pay over $125,000 for a sign that will:
  • sit on the road where it can be seen...No!
  • have a message board to sell advertisements...Not in Julius Spencer's town 
No...Sit in the grass on the far side of a pond in the shadow of the only major building!