Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Public Records Reveal

I have received my public records requests regarding the port collusion between the Port Director and her subordinate involving the termination of a long term employee:

Some interesting items I will share over the next week.

  • It appears the latest port RFP for someone to operate the soon-to-fail ferry system was held up past the RFP deadline to allow others to propose.
  • Amy Miller directly implicates both Olson and Hayward in the termination of the employee
  • Olson appears to sign off on the termination on April 28, over a month before the termination
  • Port and Airport management used their city email accounts to send inappropriate emails that some of their airline customers may not find humorous
  • The spam folders of both Miller and Merritt have many "interesting" items
  • Both Miller and Merritt use their City accounts to receive numerous personal emails
  • Miller and Merritt appear to spend more time being tour guides than port management
  • Merritt gets immediate emails with anything put up on THE PULSE.
  • City Staff (over 6 people) are spending huge amounts of time on the soon-to-fail ferry
  • Instead of running a Port that is failing, Amy Miller is spending her time trying to bring "tiny houses" to Pensacola's public land
  • The Molly Ringwald's played Seville Quarter on April 14
  • Seville Quarter had champagne and oysters on April 13
  • All directors get the Mayor's AM 1620 podcast emailed to them by Vernon Stewart


Anonymous said...

Interesting...I remember when a firemen couldn't be demoted for some reason. I wonder if the employee at the Port had prior discipline problems. Something smells a little fishy for sure!

Anonymous said...

Hayward and his minions have made the city the worst possible place to work unless you're one of the GOBs. Now I know why security is so tight at city hall.