Monday, June 12, 2017

Port Collusion: Undeniable Proof

Below is one of the documents that I have regarding the collusion between Port Director Amy Miller and her direct report Clark Merritt regarding terminating a long time City employee for Merritt's personal gain.

Nothing about this "plan" saves the taxpayers $1.

At the time of this email, the employee was out on personal leave.

On April 11, 2017, the unqualified Merritt who had absolutely ZERO port experience when he was reassigned from City Hall to the port, is forwarded an email from the Port Director sharing that the Port employee will be out one more week on personal leave.

Question 1:  Is it proper HR procedure for a Department head to forward a direct reports email concerning PTO to another subordinate?

The two subordinates merely work in the same office.  Neither has cross job responsibilities.  The Port employee informs every person she liaises with of her absence.

Question 2:  Obviously from the response Miller gets from Merritt, the two have discussed the collusive plan previously.  How long has the Port employee been subjected to this HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT with her boss and another peer plotting her demise?

Also on April 11, 2017, Merritt responds to Miller begging for a promotion to Assistant or Deputy Port Director, a job he is totally unqualified for and does not exist in the City's job classification system.

Question 3:  Is it proper HR procedure for direct reports to lobby their supervisor to terminate another employee not in their chain of command in order to promote them?

Question 4:  Who is managing the Port anyway?  Merritt or Miller?  Are the inmates running the asylum?

Question 5:  How does running a Navy department repairing aircraft (actually run by Chiefs) qualify this yip yo to be Assistant Port Director?

Question 6:  Has Merritt ever brought $1 of revenue to the Port in his marketing position?

Finally, Miller responds she is already working on the job changes to eliminate the long term City employee and who she is going to reassign the work to and give raises to.

Question 7:  Is it proper HR procedure for a Department head to discuss the termination of another employee to that employee's peer?

Question 8:  Was HR ever informed of this plot?

Question 9:  Did Miller tell HR or Olson she was conspiring with Merritt to effect this change?

Remember this is April!!  Merritt knows two months ago that Miller is trying to FIRE his peer and the proposed plot!!

Ed Sisson, you can either take action on Miller and Merritt or:

  • expect to see these documents again when you are deposed.
  • be able to explain how this collusion between a Department head and her subordinate to fire another City employee for the professional and financial gain of one of her peers is acceptable.
  • be able to explain how this plot that has been in the works for over two months DID NOT CREATE A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT for the employee.
Chiefs take note.  For the Port employee, time to get Counsel.

More docs are on the way!!


Anonymous said...

This is shameful and gutless! Hayward and his cronies have managed to cultivate an environment where peers are emboldened to conspire against other employees for financial gain. This sounds an awful lot like what happened at the fire department not long ago. It makes me want to puke whenever I see Hayward get in front of people and talk about how he respects, supports and appreciates employees. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE LIAR!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I AGREE!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

And yet... nothing will be done-SNAFU.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, the port was making money when Clyde Mathis "resigned". hmm

Anonymous said...

Hire John Westberry
850 473-0401
Board Certified Trial Lawyer that represents the Employee, not Employer.
I have used him 3 times and he is good.

Anonymous said...

SAD...SAD...SAD! Pensacola is such a cesspool. This form of government seems to have brought the worst out of people. It has also given place for corrupt attorneys to take advantage of a poorly written charter (Thanks Crystal Spencer) and a Mayor whose incompetence and crookedness seems to have no boundaries. Anyone who denies how catastrophic things have become is either grossly misinformed or prefers the alternative truth. The lack of transparency, the number of attorneys providing "outside" legal counsel and the millions hidden/squandered for bad legal "advice" should be good indicators of how bad things have become. All for a "city" of 26 square miles with a continual decline in the number of residents. How about a useful study on the number of attorneys the city has on retainer per capita? How about a study on the dollars spent on total attorney's fees (including Wells and Bowling) per capita? It says a lot when the city has a renowned criminal defense attorney on retainer! Can anyone guess why that's an absolute necessity?

Anonymous said...

11:49 just hit it out of the park. But let's not forget this is happening everywhere including the United States of Corporations.