Friday, June 9, 2017

Late Breaking

The Port restructuring has occurred exactly as described recently in my blog.

The collusion between Amy Miller and Clark Merritt has occurred as depicted.

Heartbroken for another Hayward victim.


Anonymous said...

From City Hall Supporters
A few of us knew Glenda White was getting "let go" today and it happened to be the same day Amy Miller started vacation. WOW!!! a "director" takes vacation and does not even have the guts to be there when it happens. This is the most cowardly move a "director" can make.
Take vacation the day she knew human resources was going to remove a staff member? OR is human resources so sneaky that they don't even tell the "director"? I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT! Oh wait, when Amy Miller returns from vacation, she will have an excuse for why it happened after after she returned from vacation. Problem solved. Merritt gets $10,000 pay raise, Coggin gets $10,000 pay raise and the temporary budget person get approximately $30,000 (maybe $20,000 if the "director" can explain how easy the job will be and that meets the salary retirements.) Makes you wonder what trades Miller and Merritt made with the devil to get what they wanted. How does this help improve the ports financial status? HELLO CITY COUNCIL, PLEASE EXPLAIN TO THE TAXPAYERS HOW THIS ONE SLIDES BY AND JUSTIFIES SAVING MONEY AT THE PORT)? According to city records, Merritt already makes about $20,000 more than White. Think about how long he has been there and review the revenue to see how much "marketing efforts" have increased since Merritt started, BTW someone had to tell Merritt about applying for that ferry grant or he would have be clueless.

George Hawthorne said...

Another wrongful termination suit?

Anonymous said...

Amy Miller learned from the Mayor. He never does his own dirty work. He leaves someone else to take care of it for him, just like Miller did. What a sh-tty way to treat employees & what a terrible place to work.

Anonymous said...

No one should ever work in a Hayward administration without being in a collective bargaining unit. Those cowards at city hall don't mess with us like the other employees. He and his staff have the spine of a jellyfish. Everything they do is cowardly.

Anonymous said...

Mayor of Pensacola is the ONLY office in the world Hayward could get elected to twice. That is a sad commentary for Pensacola and its low standards.

Anonymous said...


Thank you Maren for getting out the TRUTH

Anonymous said...

I heard Clark Merritt assisted the human resource director (Ed Sisson) as the 2nd person or the "witness" when Glenda White was given her paperwork explaining that her position was eliminated immediately and she had to leave the building.
Port director was on vacation and Clark Merritt (who writes emails to port director suggesting how he can get more money as they plot to eliminate Glenda White) participates in the "your outta here!"
I can't believe they didn't use another human resource person as a neutral participant.
Obviously, Clark Merritt has a job there until a new mayor takes office. It will be interesting to see how many pay raises he gets until that day comes.