Monday, June 5, 2017

Accreditation Stickers are coming off the Police Cars

As first noted on this blog, the City's Police Department lost its state accreditation in March.

As more has come out, it really came down to the examiners treatment by a few PPD officers and the then Chiefs lack of engagement in the process.

Despite hoping to be able to correct the debacle, PPD has begun removing the Accreditation shields from their vehicles.

Then Assistant Chief Lyter stated they hoped to have accreditation back by summer.  My sources tell me its two years before the accreditation can be restored.

Its OK PPD, you have our accreditation!

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Anonymous said...

The fire department is just Manpower short of being a Class 1 but yet get treated Terrible by City Hall. City Council passed resolutions in the past that said the police and fire would never be more than 5%difference in pay. As of the police last contract firefighter and Patrol officers are reasonably close but when it comes to promoted positions the police department has gone out of sight compared to the promotable positions in the fire department. The first promotable position in the fire and police starting pay is now $20,000 a year difference, the second promotable position in the fire department and police department is $20-25,000 difference. Just 10 to 12 years ago they were all within 5 to 10% different.