Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Oral Arguments...City of Pensacola v. Seville Harbour

Link to the 1DCA Oral Argument

Not Nix Daniel's best day!  Shaking that finger at the Judges probably was not the best idea.

Collier Merrill's expression is gold!  Russenberger looks bored!

Judge Wetherrell can't pronounce Seville until he hears it a few times.

Ed Fleming makes you feel like you have to agree with him.  He's good!

"The City did not write a good contract.  I don't think we should rescue the contract."

Judge "The City is making a de minimis argument."

At the hourly rate of all those attorneys, the discussion comes down to using sticks. Just listen to the last 5 minutes.

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Anonymous said...

Once someone from out of town looks at the leases, theynwill agree that anyone who has the lease owes the 5%....