Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Now Vinyl Takes Up Palafox to Tarragona on Garden Street for Buses and Trailers


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Vinyl Music Hall has outgrown it's current location.
What does the planning code require for parking for a business?

Anonymous said...

Vinyl did not "outgrow" its current location. Vinyl was in violation of the parking and loading requirements of the Pensacola Land Development Code from Day 1.

(1.) How did Vinyl get a permit to operate this business when it was in violation of these two codes?

(2.) Did Vinyl ever pay the city an appropriate amount of money to be in non-compliance with the city's parking requirements?

(3.) How much (if anything) did Vinyl pay? Did this fee (if any) correspond to the amount required by the Land Development Code?

(4.) Why hasn't the city's Code Enforcement Department stopped Vinyl from violating the city's loading ordinance?

joy kristin said...

I noticed Tony had a parking space available for his customers.

Anonymous said...

Hey ! This whole deal is wired right up to the mayor's office. Nothing is going to happen. There is the "Chicago way" and now there is the "Pensacola way" for those who belong to the "in crowd". Might as well go on to a new subject.

Anonymous said...

I had to take a friend who does not drive to an attorney's office yesterday. The office is in the 100 block of east Garden. It was about the same time this video was shot. There were no parking spaces from Palafox to Tarragona. So I was personally inconvenienced by this.