Friday, May 5, 2017

Kabuki Dance

Urban Dictionary:

Kabuki: Theatre, artifice, fake, insincere, something done only for show. AKA lip service.

This is essentially what our new panhandling ordinance amounts to. 

The fine being levied on a "Panhandler" is like asking a 3 year old to pay for his own happy meal. 

Let's consider a possible dialog between one of Pensacola's Finest and a Panhandler operating within the DIB. 

Officer: Sir, we do not allow panhandling in this area.
Panhandler:  What area?
Officer:  Nice areas!
Panhandler:  Will I be arrested?
Officer: No!
Panhandler:  What happens?
Officer:  I take 10 minutes to write you a fine for $50.
Panhandler:   You do realize I am asking for money because I don't have any, right?
Officer:  Yes sir.  I don't write the laws, John Peacock does, I just write citations.
Panhandler:  Can you write me two I can use it to start my camp fire.
Officer:  No sir.  You would have a $100 fine for a second offense.
Panhandler:  Sure whatever.
Officer:  Sir can I have your name and address for the citation.
Panhandler:  John Doe, the world.
Officer:  Thank you sir.  Here is your citation.  If you don't pay it in 30 days the Clerk of the Court will mail you a collection letter.  Might as well wad it up and throw it out her window into the world but we have our procedures according to Mr. Peacock.
Panhandler:  Can I go to not nice areas and panhandle.
Officer: Yes.
Panhandler:  Where is a not nice neighborhood?
Officer:  Right down that street the neighborhood Aragon has a roundabout in the middle, thats a good spot.
Panhandler:  Ok so if you drive away and I stay, i just get a second ticket and never risk jail.
Officer : Yes sir
Panhandler: Ok see you soon officer.
Officer: Have a good day sir.


Anonymous said...

LMBO!!! That was priceless but sad at the same time! Shows how clueless Special Snowflakes truly are. Let's penalize the poor for what? Being poor in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's okay to be poor as long as you stay in the poor zone so us rich folks won't have to look at you. One day those who despise the poor will find that all of their wealth will not delay their appointment with the great equalizer called death. What will the Special Snowflakes do then? They will get to live in eternity with their father down south because they would not want to go up north and spend eternity with all the poor people and their Father!

Anonymous said...

That would be "rich", having the panhandlers/homeless congregate at the round about in Arrogant Court. Or maybe in East Hill say somewhere near the "7th Floors" house.

CJ Lewis said...

I still think that the "problem" is the few panhandlers who are aggressive. The city's existing panhandling law (Section 8-1-25) prohibits such conduct. It would be interesting if on Monday a City Council member asked Acting Chief Lyter to report on the total number of citations issued under Section 8-1-25 from its year of adoption to present. Actively enforcing the existing law seems the best course of action rather than adding another law in conflict with the existing law "and" certain to be challenged in court.

Anonymous said...

And while the DIB is doing this, the "Welfare Prince of Palafox" is going to be gifted with another Mural job that he will be handsomely paid to complete.

Anonymous said...

No, CJ Lewis, the problem is NOT the few panhandlers who are aggressive. There are actually two problems.

Problem #1 - For us non-panhandlers, the problem is a proliferation of beggars on every street corner. This is not a problem for Palafox Street, or for Downtown, or for the city of Pensacola, or for Escambia County. It is pretty much a national blight. If nothing else, a society of beggars presents quite an image problem. Secondly, most of us non-panhandlers enjoy having a beggar stick a cardboard sign in our face about as much as we like to receive a spam phone call. And thirdly, have you ever wondered why people lock their car doors when they see a panhandler standing next to their car?

Problem #2 - For (most)panhandlers, the problem is a lack of food, shelter, and perhaps counseling. It is inexcusable that a society as rich as ours cannot provide these basic items to our fellow human beings. I am 100% in favor of spending tax dollars to solve Problem #2, then strictly enforcing laws that prevent Problem #1.