Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I Had To Chuckle at Underhill...Cut-throughs?

Last night the County Commission took up the issue of the vacation of Rawson Lane.  Now I don't get into county issues much, but when I heard the following quote from Commissioner Underhill, I had to chuckle.

"We discourage the use of roads like Rawson Lane as a cut-through between main arterials all the time," Commission Chair Doug Underhill said before the commission voted. "Therefore, I'm going to be supporting this issue, because I support discouraging the use of Rawson Lane as a cut-off between two arterials."


River Road?
North Loop?
South Loop?

We will have to watch the campaign finances of Commissioner Underhill this next cycle.  My guess is that the PCC area will find some dollar bills for Commissioner Underhill.


Anonymous said...

How about Dog Track Rd. between Blue Angel and Gulf Beach

Anonymous said...

I think closing rawson was perfect idea!

Anonymous said...

Doug is positioning for the future-just like all aspiring politicians. Masquerades as patriotic Christo-centered community-loving citizen; but in trump-like delusion, does all to support Corporate/military structure while disassembling/defunding government to suit his own elite vision.

Anonymous said...

Disgusting....! Underhill has made up an inexcusable excuse to giveaway public land and probably millions of dollars that went into the construction of Rawson Lane. Most citizens of Escambia County opposed the giveaway. I'm quite sure that PCC will contribute substantial money to Underhill as well as deliver a sizeable number of votes from its goose-stepping students.

These are the same county commissioners who added $.05 to the cost of every gallon of gasoline sold in the county to prop up a bus system that few citizens use. It was a shock to see ECAT then give away "free" bicycles to its customers with all of the bike money coming from the county citizens.

Anonymous said...

You clowns dont get it...the public spoke and 3-1 were in support...the people who live in the area spoke at a min 4-1 for the closure....get over yourselves and lets move forward...its called progress....morons

Anonymous said...

I am sure that you think that it is "progress" to give away public land to the Jonestown-like College that you support. Taking public assets for your own narrow-minded use might be "progress" for your college, but it is many steps backwards for the 250,000 citizens of Escambia County who use those assets every day and will suffer the consequences of this act for many generations to come. Not to mention that the citizens have lost a huge monetary investment.

The excuses used for this land grab are completely lame. Oh, that's right, your students can't cross a street like the millions of other college student who cross public streets every day! And, my God, Underhill's statement is completely idiotic! It is easy to see his real motivation. Brings back vivid memories of W.D. Childers, doesn't it?

Cramming a county commissioner's meeting with college employees is in no way an indication of the will of the citizens, although we have seen time and time again how this tactic can sway our gutless elected officials. Well done, PCC. W.D Childers would be so proud of you for snookering our county commissioners once again!