Monday, May 15, 2017

Hypocritical Hayward...A Joke Unto Himself

Mayor Ashton Hayward just got done championing a panhandling ordinance at the insistence of his patrons at the DIB.  In the ordinance, street performing or busking was outlawed in the downtown area.

But just like most things Hayward, he just tells you what you want to hear and does the bidding of his masters.

You see Hayward was a champion of street performers, when UWF asked him to be in 2013.

University of West Florida launches public piano project

(Yes that's Hayward in the photo.)

In partnership with the City of Pensacola, the University of West Florida is leading an initiative to promote music appreciation throughout Pensacola by installing pianos in various locations for public use.

Dr. Hedi Salanki-Rubardt, Distinguished Professor and Director of the Piano Program and Chamber Music at UWF, created the project to enhance Pensacola’s cultural climate and bring visibility to the University. Donated pianos are painted by local artists and placed in businesses and other locations in Pensacola. Spectators are welcomed to play the piano or enjoy listening.

“Pensacola has the perfect climate and the ideal arts community to support this project –  progressive idea to advance both the culture of the city and the awareness of the university,” said Dr. Salanki-Rubardt.

The first piano, painted by UWF student Josh Green, be placed on Palafox Street just south of Garden Street outside of Vinyl Music Hall. A second piano will be placed at the Pensacola Community Maritime Park. This piano was designed and painted by UWF student Jessica J. Stepherson.

“As a patron of the arts, I am delighted to see art and music brought into public spaces for everyone to enjoy,” said Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward.

Dollarhide’s Music Center has shown its support of the project by donating a piano that is currently located at the Artel Gallery. It will be painted by artists associated with the gallery.

There are several additional locations around the Pensacola community that will soon have pianos as well. Public piano projects have been successfully implemented in many large U.S. cities, and UWF plans for Pensacola to join in this creative concept.


I guess Ashton Hayward's patronly duties changed.  Now music doesn't belong in public places for everyone to enjoy.

Plenty of DIB money to pay for the Levin boy to paint murals and Pucock's dance steps.

His constant back tracking, flip flopping and accomodations for supporters is why Grover Robinson AND Chief Alexander win in a head to head election.

Can't run from your record, Mr. Mayor!


Anonymous said...

Just wait until the Fio Foo Fest gives the DIB a big grant to stage an elite public art experience that will include bringing buskers in from major tourist cities (to show locals what "real" busking is).ha ha ha Benefitting World of Beers while appropriating the public street and inconveniencing the elderly and patrons of the Saenger Theater. In "working" with the Sarnger to assure their are no conflicts,. Will the city be shutting down use of the Saenger to support this elite, kick 'em in the face project?? Check DIB Mtg minutes and staff task force with recommendations to be brought to the board per Curt Mores at public Mtg. All notes on conversations relative to this research task and recommendation for proposal are public record board members. Your staff is not exempt I from sunshine when they serve as committee. Mayor has to agree as overhead hangings on street have been denied to others per city policy. What's next in the Palafox expansion? Tune in to Hayward, Spencer, Peacock connection via Levin- Terry, Harry, Evan, or Fred- take your pick of the day. Now with Studerville wanting the area turned into a plaza per original vision, we have to get the public used to it gradually. All are in place per plan��

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