Friday, May 12, 2017

Friday Funnies: Lyter Strikes Out; Spencer No Longer a Mayoral Contender, Peacock Pixie Dust

Chief Stumbles

Today on AM1620 now on FM at 92.3 in his first interview as the Chief who was hidden from Council view, Police Chief Tommi Lyter strikes out looking (backwards K) on a question regarding the newly enacted panhandling ordinance.

Lyter said he "doesn't expect many arrests under the new panhandling ordinance."

Ummmm.  Chief since its a civil penalty shouldn't you anticipate NO arrests under the ordinance. Don't turn downtown into Beirut over enforcing this ordinance.

Good luck, Chief Lyter!  There's always next at bat!

Spencer GONE!

The Inweekly has been conducting polls around the Office of the Mayor.  In the latest poll, the Mayor loses head to head against Grover Robinson AND David Alexander.

INWEEKLY Online Edition

But in what has to be the most humiliating blow to his GIANT EGO and visions of complete and total WORLD DOMINATION, Julius Spencer was dropped from the most recent poll after finishing behind Undecided in the first poll.

First Poll

1-DeeDee Davis                8.7%
2-Ashton Hayward           27.9%
3-Lumon May                  18.0%
4-Brian Spencer                 7.7%
5-Grover Robinson          19.8%
6-Bubba Watson                8.9%
7-Undecided                      9.1%

Your chances aren't good, Julius, if you can't beat Undecided!

And the fact that my former colleague Sherri Myers polls better against the Mayor than you has to be CRUSHING!

That's OK Julius, your cocktail costume party crowd will still fawn over you and your grandiose ideas for Pensacola.

Peacock Pixie Dust

Obtuse Peacock was "Peacocking" at the City Council meeting on Panhandling when he stated:

"I don't know where they think the pixie dust is coming from (for programs that help the poor.)" Peacock said. "It doesn't exist. It takes revenue to do those things."

The DIB chairman stood in front of the Council and the ACLU attorney and basically stated since businesses donate money, they should have the right to deny American citizen rights guaranteed under the US Constitution.

Nice Vladimir Pucock!  Nice!


Anonymous said...

The "Trickle-Down Effect" has always been a favorite theory of the John Peacock crowd. The victims of the Trickle-Down Effect prefer to call it the "Tinkle-On Effect" because that's what they are getting - tinkled on.

As far as Peacock's pixie dust statement, I think he was referring to the substance that they are all snorting on the 7th Floor....!

Anonymous said...

It's scary that the New Chief of Police is so out of touch with what is happening and doesn't take the time to learn about the ordinance that was just passed.


Anonymous said...

Please, please get in this race Grover Robinson; the only rational thinker that owns the critical thinking skills and independence to effectively run the Office of Mayor.