Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bombshell: These allegations are presently unproven and must be proved with supporting documentation

  • The Port is an enterprise of the City of Pensacola
  • Since 2002 Amy Miller has been with the Port of Pensacola
  • As the Port Director, she has primary responsibility for the budget, operations and marketing for the Port.
  • Clark Merritt is the Economic Development Manager for the Port of Pensacola.
  • He has primary responsibility to market the Port of Pensacola.
  • Prior to moving to the Port, he had NO experience with ports, port marketing or Economic Development.
  • His job was never posted for additional applicants but created just for him.
  • While Port Director, it was Amy Miller that pushed the idea of the offshore industry as a port niche, because she had no other major interested parties at the Port.
  • While Port Director, it was Amy Miller that led the Port into the Deepflex debacle.
  • The Port of Pensacola is presently losing money.
  • Glenda White is the Port Operations and Security Manager
  • Ms. White is a long-term employee of the City of Pensacola.
  • Ms. White makes $48,089 in this role.
  • Ms. White's last employee evaluation was in September 2008.
All of the above are facts.

  1. In April, Ms. White allegedly had family issues that required her to take earned personal leave.
  2. In April 2017, the Port Director Amy Miller and the Economic Development Manager Clark Merritt allegedly began to conspire to deprive Ms. White of her employment with the City of Pensacola through a collusive plan to funnel additional compensation to Merritt and another employee at the Port.  
  3. These plans allegedly were initiated by Miller and Merritt without any input from the City Administrator, Human Resources or the City's Chief Human Resource Officer.
  4. The plan allegedly would not have saved the City any taxpayer money in total but merely reallocated the duties of Ms. White to 2 remaining employees and a "permanent temporary" employee.
  5. The conspiracy allegedly included the creation of 2 new job classifications which could be created to justify the planned raises.  This has been a similar technique in the Hayward administration used to funnel select employees additional compensation.  These classifications were allegedly planned and proposed without the initial approval of the City Administrator, Human Resources or the City's Chief Human Resource Officer.
  6. The Port Director allegedly conspired directly with her direct report (Clark Merritt) about the plan including the pay raise before approaching the City Administrator for permission to make the changes and before any discussions with Human Resources or the City's Chief Human Resource Officer..
  7. Merritt allegedly even told Miller possible titles to justify the pay increase.
  8. After allegedly colluding with Merritt, Miller allegedly wrote to Eric Olson to propose the conspired plan.  In the memo she allegedly directly proposes to Olson the title Assistant Port Director that Merritt had chosen when the plan was conspired.
  9. These alleged actions appear to have been proposed to deprive Ms. White of her employment and to funnel additional money to Merritt.
  10. Merritt allegedly does not have the required experience to handle Ms. White's present duties.
I must prove these allegations through independently obtained public records.

Will the City appoint an "independent investigator"?

If proven true, Ms. White should seek Human Resource protection from these actions and potentially legal advice regarding this situation as these alleged practices of the Port staff, if not punished, would show the City's desperate treatment of Department Directors.

The City Fire Chief and Assistant Fire Chief were terminated for variance from City Fire Department and Human Resource hiring processes and procedures. 

If the allegations are proven and no action is taken against Miller and Merritt, the City faces a huge exposure in the current litigation with Chief Schmitt and Chief Glover.

Please note that these allegations have been made by an anonymous source with limited supporting public documents and MUST BE INDEPENDENTLY VERIFIED.


Anonymous said...

I think Glenda White needs to contact Attorney John Westberry as he is the best attorney that handles this type of employment discrimination as well as "Ageism." The burden of proof is on the employer.

Anonymous said...

Alistair McKenzie

CJ Lewis said...

Just for fun, I went back and looked at an old copy of the city budget to see what Miller's job title was. In this case, I looked at the 2009 budget. Amy Miller's title was "Port Business Development Manager" to include being responsible for this aspect of the Port - "Maximize financial performance." Miller has done a bad job for the Port. It remains a mystery why Port Director Clyde Mathis was fired and Miller's role in his ouster seemingly over concerns about matters directly related to Miller's job performance. Sending Clark Merritt over to the Port just added insult to injury. The only person at the Port who does a truly good job is Glenda White. The appropriate course of action would be for Eric Olson to verify the facts and, if true, fire both Miller and Merritt. White likely knows more about running the Port than Miller & Merritt put together and could be made Port Director until the City Council sorts out its future.

Anonymous said...

I prefer to remain anonymous since we have a working relationship with the city and port.

Ms White has always demonstrated the MOST professional attitude when dealing with Contractors, other port officials, Coast Guard officials, Emergency personnel, and the list goes on and on. She is firm, but fair. She does her homework. She comes to the table with a complete understanding of the issues, possible outcomes and a solution - every time!

She has been with the port for over a decade that I can recall. Miller has demonstrated, far too many times, her complete lack of understanding of the issues, much less than a solution. She has tainted the position of "Port Director" and is an embarrassment to the City. Merritt is a political puppet - a gold-digger. Miller and Merritt are joined at the hip and have only one goal - to position themselves as the "saviors" and "the ones in charge", when in fact, the only one at the port that has a complete understanding is Ms White. Miller and Merritt are shooting themselves in the head. If they lose Ms White - GAME OVER.

Anonymous said...

This could only sound worse if there were some crazy ties to Russian espionage.... Oops, I almost forgot that Eric Olson already checked that box in his former gig abroad. Trashton sure can pick em!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:20 AM
I am certain that what you are saying about Ms. White is absolutely the truth which explains why she has to go. If you look at the Mayor's history of selections, the competent employees who have too much integrity to bow down to his ignorance either leave or end up getting fired. It's too bad that there is so much apathy and indifference with the voters in the City. They don't seem to understand how Hayward and his crew's treatment of employees ultimately effects services negatively and costs taxpayers lots of money squandered on unnecessary lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

"The competent employees who have too much integrity to bow dow to his ignorance either leave or end up getting fired."

Ain't that the truth

Anonymous said...

The mayor and lots of local politicos have wanted to shut down the port as we know it and redevelop into a destination resort or elite living/waterfront play area. If incompetence can cause the port to fail despite all the natural and apparent bounce back , their desires are assured. Miller planning to retire soon anyway, groomingMerrit to photo op and favor swap with the mayor. Clark has failed in every position, but Ashton plays the support game, so all live high on the taxpayers. Some new project in the works there, knowledgable staff might get in the way of downsizing port.

Wilma said...

This is a little shocking but not that all surprising. Glenda does a lot for the port. Clark gets put into a position where he didnt have to do squat, since it was a safe landing place. Having worked there, i'm so glad to be liberated from employment at the CoP. Too much crony b.s. and people being put in positions based on friendship/deals and seniority, rather than experience and accomplishments. Look no further than the IT department.

Wilma said...

Correct, but also remember that bad managers will drive good people away!!