Monday, April 24, 2017

Vinyl / DIB Just Gets Weirder!

So...lets get this right.

  • Three years ago when Hayward was Mayor a secret leasing deal was done with Vinyl, his supporter and the son of a Board member, for the meter spaces outside their business for three years.
  • No record of approval by the DIB Board or the Parking Committee of that secret deal is available.
  • Last month the DIB chairman states with no reservations in an email that the DIB does not lease spaces.  Lie or ignorant?  There are only two possibilities.
  • The DIB tells a Citizen requesting similar treatment that it does not lease spaces to businesses. The DIB ED admitted that he was unaware of the deal at the time.
  • So...the ED of the DIB executes a new agreement when he discovers the old one lapsed.  No Board approval, no Parking Committee approval.  Just makes up a SWAG number and makes a new agreement.
  • How does that work?
  • He is now making special deals for the Levins and telling other equal members of the DIB NO!
  • How is that even legal at all.  The DIB chooses who get special treatment?  Based on what documented criteria?
This is a HOT MESS!

PNJ article


Anonymous said...

See PNJ article---something from the ED to the effect that, since the DIB controls parking, it could put down yellow stripes and make it a permanent loading zone ! Such arrogance. For 12 events a month, the threat of permanently removing these three parking spaces from public use if the public and other business owners don't accept what the DIB has done. Give me a break !

CJ Lewis said...

Do the two 2007 Interlocal Agreements approved by the City Council and the Community Redevelopment Agency (the City Council its governing body) provide for the DIB to basically sell public parking spaces to private businesses on an annual basis? Further, if the sale of public parking spaces to private businesses is legal, or can be made legal by action of the City Council, why should it only apply to one business, let alone a business owned by someone whose mother serves on the DIB Board? (Does Teri Levin have a financial interest in the property or Vinyl?) Unless we want to give even more lip service to the idea that small businesses are the backbone of the economy, the Esquire Barber Shop should have the same right as Vinyl to buy a parking space. Of note, there is no evidence that Esquire Barber Shop intends to make the parking space an extension of its business to include cutting hair or giving shaves outdoors. On the other hand, in allowing bands to parking in the spaces and hook up to its internal power ("the venue's shore power," Vinyl is using the public parking spaces as an extension of its private business. Perhaps if a band must hook up to an interior power source it should use a venue designed for it such as the Hunter Amphitheater at the Community Maritime Park.

Anonymous said...

Has the 2013 agreement been published anywhere? I assume it's a public record?