Friday, April 14, 2017

Special Snowflakes Part 5 of 5

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Public, these are the facts and they are indisputable.

  • Vinyl Music Hall is owned by very prominent supporters of the Mayor. In fact, the Mayor held his victory party AT VINYL.
  • The DIB is comprised of a Board of Directors appointed entirely by the Mayor.
  • The City has a contract with the DIB to manage parking downtown.
  • Vinyl, in violation of Florida law, had an LEGALLY parked car towed away for the private unpaid use of a City of Pensacola resource.
  • The illegally towed vehicle incurred $3,000 in damage while in the custody of the towing company.
  • The management of Vinyl were made aware of the damages incurred by the Citizen and have refused to do anything to correct their illegal activity.
  • After growing ever bolder, Vinyl approached the DIB parking contractor about purchasing bags for the meters outside their business.
  • The purchase and use of these bags was unknown to the DIB chairman or the DIB parking committee.
  • Vinyl Music Hall, without permission began a campaign of illegally depriving the City of Pensacola and the DIB revenue by illegally covering the meters outside its establishment falsely stating that the metered spaces were "no parking" and "violators would be towed".
  • Ever emboldened in their illegal enterprise, Vinyl had a multitude of Vinyl meter bags manufactured and with no regard to the illegal nature of their actions and extended their illegal diversion of City resources to over 2.5 blocks of City of Pensacola parking meters.  
  • The illegal actions of Vinyl were video taped by the bar manager and posted on social media in a blatant flaunting of their illegal acts.
  • The DIB in its capacity as the parking management organization for the City routinely decides enforcement issues and fines Citizens for breaking Pensacola parking regulations.
  • Once confronted about the situation, the DIB, in violation of its contract, admitted it allowed the illegal activity as it was arbitrarily allowing Vinyl to act illegally in an attempt to provide the FOR PROFIT business with a private unapproved economic incentive to enhance the profitability of the business. 
  • The actions of Vinyl were pointed out here on this blog and in the Pensacola News Journal.
  • Management has refused to comment to the newspaper
  • The illegal activities are continuing 
  • The DIB once made aware of the illegal activities is continuing to allow the business to deprive the DIB and the City of its rightful income.
Ladies and gentlemen of the public,  how do you find!

Super Special Snowflakes!


Anonymous said...

"The actions of Vinyl were pointed out here on this blog and in the Pensacola News Journal."

The only thing the News Urinal did was to copy and paste some of the knowledge they obtained on their daily review of what your posting here Marin. They did no investigation and absolutely no follow up on the very short and uninformative article. The News Urinal is a joke more interested in posting Troy Moon's musings about being an old Punk who no longer is relevant in Redneck Pensacola.

Anonymous said...

Please bring this to the State Attorney's office and file for formal prosecution of ALL parties complicit to the illegal actions.

Anonymous said...

Since the DIB wont do anything about enforcing this, I suggest the shop owners on Palafox create their own signs to save parking spaces for their customers.

Wouldn't Tin Cow, Hopjacks, Beef O Bradys, ETC. benefit from having a "To Go Orders" parking spot for customers?

Jewelers Trade and Meadows jewelry could use a space for customers picking up repairs.

Don Allen could use a space for his elderly customers needing a close spot.

Wilfried's could use a spot for customers wanting a quick trim.

Urban Objects customers need a close spot to load up bulky light fixtures.

Yes, all of the businesses should be given the same opportunity as Vinyl Music Hall and 5 1/2 bar.

Unless, this is really about Teri Levin being on the DIB board protecting her families business interests.

Fair is Fair.

Anonymous said...

I recommend that all past executive directors, acting directors and personnel of the DIB be interviewed to capture any knowledge of process followed or thwarted. I also suggest that all present and past members of the parking committee and Downtown Advisory Board of the DIB be contacted and/or interviewed to ascertain where this right might have been authorized. If it turns out that Ms. Levin spoke in favor of this solution, failed to sign a disclosure of conflict of interest or did any business with anyone speaking in favor of this solution without disclosing business relationship, we have violations beyond the fraud being perpetuated upon the City. Sunshine
Violations are rampant in the DIB system, record keeping minimal, and accurate minutes non-existent. Dig into the New Year's Eve expenditures through the years, and you might find private party and fundraising expenses for other groups commingled with DIB VIP events organized by special snowflakes! Just check how many were comped on the recent Repast and you might find some violations again since tickets were valued at $75.00.
Keep lifting the rocks and see what is buried below!!!

Anonymous said...

Maren this whole series was enlightening and addictive to read.

You're a hero - and one of the few people in Pensacola not afraid to sugarcoat or hide illegal activities.

I'm proud to have you as a hero that I admire.

Keep up the good work - I just wish someone could actually do something about what you uncover. I guess it's easier to be outraged at the United Airlines incident than what's happening in our own town.

Anonymous said...

I Find The Defendants GUILTY!!! Sentencing will be on ???? Wait a minute, gotta go find My Yellow Parking Meter Bags because sentencing will be held in Front of the Vinyl Club...