Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Special Snowflakes Part 3 of 5

Yesterday, I showed how the DIB, with Mama Levin on the Board, allowed a private business, Vinyl Music Hall, which her son owns, to purchase bags for $258 (the cost of the bags) to place over the City parking meters to magically, with a little magic marker, turn them into a tow away zone.

Never mind that it is illegal.
Never mind that it wasn't approved by the Board.
Never mind the Chairman said the DIB didn't do it.

Dang it now, the DIB is trying to help a private for profit business that supports the Mayor of Pensacola to attract profitable bands to their business.  Personal marketing assistance by the organization that their mom is a Board member of.  Whats the issue Maren?

Well yesterday I stated "if you give a mouse a cookie he will want a glass of milk"

That's nicer than saying if you give Special Snowflakes an inch they will take a mile...literally

Why only buy bags for 4 meters, when you can go online and buy bags for 2.5 blocks of Palafox and not pay anyone for them.

Look at the audacity in this video of Vinyl, WITH NO PERMISSION, bagging 2.5 blocks of City meters for their exclusive use.

These run all the way down Garden Street folks.


They are proud of it.  They took a little favoritism due to WHO THEY ARE and decided to DOUBLE DOWN.

What has the DIB done?  Nothing.
What are they going to do?  Nothing

The Ultimate Special Snowflakes!


Anonymous said...

All of these problems stem from the fact that the owners of this property were allowed to establish a night club on the premises WITHOUT complying with the City of Pensacola Land Development Code. ALL of these problems could have readily been foreseen, but were ignored by whoever at the city approved a night club use for this location. As someone has pointed out, the city’s code officials even ignored both state and federal handicap laws. While the city’s LDC "may" allow the owner’s to skirt the off-street parking requirements, it does not allow the owners to ignore off-street loading requirements as can be seen by the following excerpts.

“Sec. 12-3-2. - Off-street loading.

ALL … establishments customarily receiving and distributing goods by motor vehicle shall provide loading and unloading facilities ON THE PREMISES. No motor vehicle shall be allowed to extend onto a public street, sidewalk or alley while loading or unloading.”

Furthermore, off street parking requirements (and a large number of parking spaces are required for a night club) may only be ignored if the owners made a payment to the city that was approved by the city council as shown below. Did Vinyl make a payment to the city? How much was that payment? The amount of the payment should have been equal to that of buying land, engineering fees, construction costs, etc.

“Sec. 12-3-1. - Off-street parking spaces requirements.

(F) … changes in land use of existing buildings within the dense business area resulting in an increase of parking requirements may comply with the parking requirements through an in-lieu payment approved by the city council. The in-lieu fee shall be based upon the cost of construction for parking spaces considering such factors as land acquisition, design fees, engineering, financing, construction, inspection, and other relevant factors.”

Anonymous said...

There's good news for the people who had their car damaged when it was towed from a city street. Not only can they sue Vinyl, they can also sue the City of Pensacola and the Mini-City Downtown Improvement Board for allowing a night club to be established without providing the required loading zone and parking spaces.

The good news for the rest of us is that we may finally be able to get the Mayor and the Mini-Mayor on a witness stand and under oath....!

Anonymous said...

Vinyl has custom made meter bags.

Why spend $258 to purchase the ugly yellow ones?

Anonymous said...

Question: "Why spend $258 to purchase the ugly yellow ones?"

Answer: The $258 payment was a token "fee" to make it appear that Vinyl had bought the rights to these parking spaces. Then they went out and bought a bunch of custom made bags (cheaper) to put on as many meters as they wanted. If anyone asked any questions the grinning bartender could point to the receipt for $258 and say that they had paid to rent the spaces.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mommy. Why does she get to block over half the width of the city sidewalk and passageway for citizens with her huge planters full of tall bushes? Did she go to City Council to get permission? Did she give the City the million dollars of liability to use the city right-of-way like everyone else who blocks the sidewalk with café tables and chairs for their businesses? Doubtful. Pretty soon we will have to block Palafox Street from traffic because the public will be forced to walk in the street because all the special snowflakes will be blocking the sidewalks for their own 'personal' use.

Anonymous said...

If your name is Levin you play by a your own set of rules. I've lived in Pensacola since 1975 and it's always been that way in this town.

Anonymous said...

We are worried about parking meters but what about the improper use of fire department vehicles. You look look for photos... firefighters themselves and friends hanging all over them while they are drinking at public events.Tax payers dollars pays for them to have their transportation but they can misuse them.

Anonymous said...

Did the planning board approve this planting screen? Did the ARB? Seems like others have had to fight to place a small planter. I am surprised neighboring businesses have not complained as uou are past the businesses before you see them, and only if you turn. Seems that her aesthetic pleasure comes at a cost to the commercial value of others. But her good buddy Brian Spencer probably took care of this while assisting in re-design of ger upstairs residence. How many trips did they take together to shop?

Anonymous said...

There are large numbers... An entire parking garage.