Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Special Snowflakes Part 2 of 5

Yesterday, I shared how Vinyl Music Hall had a Citizen's car towed from a legally parked City of Pensacola street causing over $3,000 damage after it was illegally towed.

We also saw the bar manager hold up the tow away zone sign that was hidden behind the bar.

When the Citizen confronted Vinyl Music Hall, what happened?

  • Apology...no!
  • Payment for wrongful act...no!
  • Attempts to correct what a local attorney has told me amounted to Grand Theft Auto...NO!
Special Snowflakes don't want the hassles of rules for their Special Snowflake havens.

After this incident, the Special Snowflakes went to their Mama's organization, the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board to find a way to make their OWNERSHIP of City parking spaces legal.

For the sum of $258, Vinyl Music Hall purchased from the DIB NO PARKING bags to go over the meters outside its facility.

I'm pretty sure, the bags sold were NO PARKING bags.  The "Violators will be towed at owner expense" was written with a Magic Marker so I don't know if it is enforceable.

Wow, what a way to have your own private parking spaces for your business.  Many downtown business owners would want those.  Right?

So a Citizen and downtown business owner began asking members of the DIB Board about obtaining their own bags for the their business.  Look at their email and responses below.

To: curtm@downtownpensacola.com
Cc: john@downtownpensacola.com, Brian Spencer <bspencer@cityofpensacola.com>, teri@downtownpensacola.com


I am sorry I missed your call this morning.

I spoke to Wayne Glass and he told me Vinyl Music purchased Yellow Meter bags from the DIB at a cost of $258. Each.

They were purchased the week of 2/20/17.

Here is a picture of what they look like.

My question is:

1)How long are the bags good for?
2)Is there an application I need to fill out to get some?  
3)What type of signage is required to post in order to be able to tow vehicles? Are the bags sufficient?
4)How many hours ahead of time do they need to be on the meter before you can legally tow cars?
5) If a car is already parked before the bag is placed on the meter, can you tow it?

Mr. Glass was very nice but he could not answer these questions.

Thank you,


My understanding is that Curt has already provided you an answer.  We do not lease spaces to individual businesses




"I’ve spoken to Mr. Glass again this morning, and he’s related the same information to me that he shared with you previously.  Unfortunately, parking in Downtown Pensacola is public parking, unless otherwise posted. Public parking spaces are not available for lease for specific customer parking use.

We’re working on a master parking plan that could include new parking equipment that would allow a merchant to pay for parking on behalf of a customer. That technology exists in other markets, and we definitely see the value of installing it here. The spaces you’ve referenced to on Garden Street adjacent to Vinyl Music Hall are utilized much the same way that space is provide to The Saenger. Those parking spaces help to accommodate performers that travel in oversized vehicles. In making accommodation for those special vehicles, it encourages acts to book Pensacola as a stop because oversized parking is readily available at the venue.

Please give me a call anytime I you’d like more information. "

Read the email again!

In paragraph 1, the DIB states: "parking in Downtown Pensacola is public parking unless otherwise posted."

In paragraph 2, the DIB states: "The spaces you’ve referenced to on Garden Street adjacent to Vinyl Music Hall are utilized much the same way that space is provide to The Saenger. Those parking spaces help to accommodate performers that travel in oversized vehicles. In making accommodation for those special vehicles, it encourages acts to book Pensacola as a stop because oversized parking is readily available at the venue."

HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE, the Saenger is owned by the City, the Citizens.  

Vinyl is a FOR PROFIT BUSINESS owned by huge supporters of the Mayor being given special accommodations FOR THE PROFITABILITY OF THEIR BUSINESS so they can pump more money into the Mayor's campaigns.

Would Nick like some spaces so he could bring more Springsteen fans to Pensacola?
Would Don Allen like a private parking space so he could bring dapper dressers to Pensacola?
Would O'Reily's like some private spaces so they could attract Irish Bar enthusiasts to Pensacola?
Would the Mayor's neighbor like some private spaces in front of her shop since the Mayor asked her to locate downtown?
Would Bubba's Sweet Spot like some private spaces for golf fans coming to Pensacola?

Where does the DIB get off making special accommodations for the kids of the Board members while the rest of Pensacola and the other DIB members are told to eat cake?

This takes Special Snowflakes to a whole new level folks!

Public spaces are public spaces.  Period!  But not in the Upyours of Florida!

Tomorrow...If you give a mouse a cookie they will want a glass of milk.


Anonymous said...

I thought business/property owners were able to get spots blocked off for special circumstances - a special permit request at a cost. circumstances like a construction dumpster, special loading/unloading such as a taking delivery of some piece of equipment - things that just don't work for the regular commercial loading zones. That was put in place so the commercial loading zones could be enforced but allow for reasonable accommodations. But i thought there was a limit to the # per year a single business could get. It sounds like some may be using that as their loop hole.

Anonymous said...

When Vinyl opened, two of the parking spaces on Garden were permanently converted to a loading zone with a "no parking" sign. (You can look at Google Street View images from 2007 to see for yourself.) There's another bus-length space right next to that. How many acts do they get with more than two "oversized vehicles" that need to be unloaded at the same time?

Anonymous said...

Also, the Saenger has a dedicated loading dock that takes up a big corner of the building. Do traveling shows ever take over regular parking lots? I have never seen it happen. The Vinyl building could have its own loading area behind the stage, but they put a bar there instead.

Anonymous said...

Also, they often have the crosswalk blocked forcing handicapped to be in dangerous traffic once they get across garden and try to enter sidewalk. This is more than snowflake privilege. This is reckless endangerment of the public for elite ego support!

Anonymous said...

I believe the parking spaces that you are talking about are located on the city right of way. A business cannot enforce parking regulations on the city right of way and they certainly do not have the authority to have a car towed from property that they do not own. The PPD would take enforcement action in this case. A wrecker driver should have contacted the PPD prior to towing a vehicle from the city right of way. Generally, the PPD generates a report when they have a vehicle towed from a roadway or city property. Something is not right with this picture.

Anonymous said...

PNJ quotes DIB director as saying: "What would happen if a car was parked there in front of the entrance and fed the meter all day long? Where would the band park to unload their equipment? What would they do if they arrived there and there was no owner to be found? What would happen? How would that performer be able to unload their equipment? Those are the questions that I think we need to ask."


Anonymous said...

If the spaces were designated as No Parking by the bags, why would anyone park there if there's a parking deck 25 yards away?

Anonymous said...

The meter did not have a No Parking bag on it when I parked there at 6:15pm.

Brian Oden towed it because they needed the space for their VIP shuttle to drop clients off at a VIP party 5 1/2 bar hosted for CW.

Apparently a Vinyl employee forgot to bag the meters for the 5& 1/2 VIP event, which is understandable since not all employees know what events take place at 5 1/2 and which need special parking.

Anonymous said...

other events are smart enough to put out signs early stating that after X time of day on x date there is no parking.

Anonymous said...

They actually have a loading zone for both 5 1/2 and Vinyl. It is the alley in the back and there is a nice big parking lot you can pull into to load and unload without blocking traffic.

Anonymous said...


"Brian Oden towed it because they needed the space for their VIP shuttle to drop clients off at a VIP party....."

1. You DO NOT tow a car because you want to "drop clients off at a VIP party." The driver can double park for a few seconds while the "VIP's" unload.

2. You DO NOT tow a car that is legally parked in a public parking space.

3. You DO NOT tow a car because the bartender forgot to put an ILLEGAL bag over the meter.

4. What towing company would tow a legally parked car from a public street because a bar owner told him to do so? Can we say "grand theft?"

5. Not even the city police would tow a car. They would give it a ticket.


Anonymous said...

Harry Levin, Evan Levin and Teri Levin.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I thought illegally towing a vehicle could/would be considered grand theft. I would like to know the final disposition of the towing and if the owner has sued Vinyl and A+ Towing???

Anonymous said...

Those signs are required as part of the legal permitting for use of public street. Apparently not monitored for illegal fraudulent use��

Anonymous said...

Dude, there is an entire parking garage to be utilized. There is a lot directly behind vinyl and 51/2 for loading. Let guests of the city have access to all public spaces with meters.