Monday, April 10, 2017

Special Snowflakes. Part 1 of 5

Its Pensacon weekend.  A Pensacola Citizen legally parks on Garden Street at a metered space just east of the loading zone for Vinyl Music Hall.  The Citizen is in our downtown enjoying the event, spending money in local businesses.  Later, the Citizen returns to drive home.

The car is gone.  They have no idea where it is.  Has it been stolen?  There are no signs. No markings. A metered space.

They inquire at Vinyl Music Hall.  The manager informs them their car has been towed.

Let me repeat for the point of emphasis.

  • A downtown business owner has had a legally parked car towed from a City street on their own authority.
The Citizen asks the bar manager where the sign noting tow away zone was posted.  The bar manager REACHES BEHIND THE BAR AND RETRIEVES A SIGN.  SEE PROOF BELOW!

Thank God for cell cameras and cocky bar managers.

When the Citizen goes to retrieve their car, they find $3,000 of damage has occurred since they legally parked their car on a City of Pensacola street.  
  • The towing company denies responsibility
  • Vinyl Music Hall denies any responsibility

So what does Florida Statute say about this situation:

(4) When a person improperly causes a vehicle or vessel to be removed, such person shall be liable to the owner or lessee of the vehicle or vessel for the cost of removal, transportation, and storage; any damages resulting from the removal, transportation, or storage of the vehicle or vessel; attorney’s fees; and court costs.

But not in Pensacola!  Pensacola has Special Snowflakes that don't have to follow the laws.

Vinyl refuses to do anything.

Rules are for fools...Not Special Snowflakes!

So what do the Special Snowflakes do next.  They double down on making up their own rules.

Tomorrow....Vinyl begins making up their own laws using the DIB, which Mom sits on, as their personal tool.


Anonymous said...

I just explored the Florida towing laws in an attempt to get rid of abandoned cars in a private parking lot. The streets of Pensacola are, however, PUBLIC property and do not in any way "belong" to a bar. Only the City of Pensacola is authorized to tow a vehicle but would probably ticket the car rather than towing unless the car was parked in front of a fire hydrant or in a fire zone. If the car was in a no-parking zone signs would have to be posted on the street and not behind a bar. Only in Pensacola would a citizen have to hire an attorney to stop such an abusive situation.

Anonymous said...

Vinyl thinks they are above the law. Notice how their stage doesn't meet Florida building code for A.D.A. access? Other businesses are required to do this but not Vinyl.

Anonymous said...

I think that this individual has a good case and the violation is so egregious that I would not be surprised if they were awarded attorney fees. This is SO ILLEGAL on SO MANY FRONTS. In fact, I am flabbergasted that the Towing Company actually towed the car. In many cases, if a car is towed from a City owned space the City Police must endorse the tow, not a bar. I have never heard of such whereby a 'bar' can call a tow truck and remove a car from a metered spot. That is totally amazing. The only thing that I can think of is that the bar took the sign outside before the arrival of the Tow Truck affixed the sign and tricked the Tow Truck driver into removing the car. If this is the case, then the bar committed fraud as well and I would not be surprised if they had committed an illegal act.

I can tell you this, I would not stand for this for one second.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Palafox Street is not owned by the City. The street is not theirs to give nor take.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't believe a local business can legally post a public/city owned parking spot as a tow zone, without prior authorization. If the car was illegally towed, I believe that theft charges could apply. I would have immediately called law enforcement and had a report written. It does appear that Levin/Vinyl thinks they can do as they please at whoever's expense. A+ is not one of the towing companies I would use either.