Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Did DIB Violate the City Interlocal?

The City of Pensacola and the DIB entered into an interlocal agreement in 2007 for the management of parking downtown.

That Interlocal states:


  • Did the DIB parking committee authorize the original Vinyl agreement?  Please provide the public record.
  • Was a public hearing conducted?  Please provide the public record.
  • Did the DIB Board vote in the majority PLUS ONE ADDITIONAL VOTE?  Please provide a public record.
  • Does a Power Cord running from the building to the bus impede the sidewalk to wheelchairs?
The entire interlocal is in the City Fortis program at the following link.  Word search for Downtown Improvement Board


Anonymous said...

Even if you agree with trying to do something to help Vinyl, I still don't understand why they can't do something similar to the signage that parades use. "Tow Away Zone - ___ time, ____ Day" That would allow patrons of other businesses to use the spots during the day, but put them on notice to move before the appointed time or risk being towed. I know some bands may be flakey and not show up at an exact time, but at least it could leave the spaces open for others for a while longer.

CJ Lewis said...

It is still unclear if the DIB even has the authority under the agreement to lease public parking spaces to private businesses on an annual basis. Assuming that there is no state law the prohibits such action, and there are state laws that regulate certain things related to public rights-of-ways, the DIB exercises limited "municipal" powers as defined by its enabling legislation, the DIB Act. The DIB cannot simply make up its own municipal powers. Further, parking management is a responsibility of the city government. The DIB is an "agency of the city," a term used in the DIB Act. The parking agreement does not appear to give the DIB a blanket permission to do whatever it wants with respect to parking. Does the Mayor have the power to lease a public parking spaces to a private business on an annual basis? If so, the power would be described in an ordinance in the City Code. Similarly, absent an express authority to basically "sell" public parking spaces to private businesses, it would seem that for the DIB to do so it would have to seek approval from the City Council. One of the Council members should ask the City Attorney to review the City Code and the city's parking agreement with the DIB and try to find authority for the action already taken.

Anonymous said...

A power cord running across a public sidewalk not only impedes pedestrians, it is also an extremely dangerous hazard that violates the city's building code. Where are the city's building officials when you need them?

Has anyone found any records showing that Vinyl has paid the required money to the City Council for its lack of parking spaces?