Monday, April 3, 2017

Consent Agenda...Right Under Councils Nose Hayward Does A Deal for Kerrigan

On the Council's March Consent Agenda was an action item sponsored by Ashton Hayward himself.

The action item was entitled:

Airport - Approval of Amendment No 4 to the Lease and Operating Agreement with ECKO Air LLC


That City Council authorize the Mayor to execute Amendment No 4 to the Lease and operating agreement between the City of Pensacola and ECKO Air LLC at the Pensacola International Airport. Further that City Council authorize the Mayor to take all necessary actions to execute Amendment #4.

So whats the big deal,,, a simple amendment...well lets unpack this simple language

Questions Nobody Asked:

Who is ECKO Air LLC?

Its Bob Kerrigan!  Period

Sunbiz Annual Report

Why did they need an Amendment?

To secure the rights to space that a new tenant at the airport needed for Kerrigan's profit!

Resicum International LLC is coming to Pensacola International Airport to instruct foreign flight students in the operation of UH-60 helicopters.

This is great news for Pensacola and Resicum but...

Why did the Economic Development Mayor not ask his puppet master, attorney and financial supporter Kerrigan to let his unused lease go and lease the additional hanger and office space and tarmac tie down direct to Resicum rather than letting Kerrigan EXPAND HIS FOOTPRINT to PROFIT off of the new business?

Under the "amendment" Kerrigan goes from 36,568 square feet to 63,188 square feet.

Resicum was subleasing space from Kerrigan prior to additional space becoming available in the adjacent hanger.  They began the sublease in January 2017.

Why not decrease the cost to a new tenant at the airport by leasing that space directly to Resicum?

Did the City even give Resicum an opportunity to lease direct without a Kerrigan markup?

Does Resicum know their "landlord" was given a sweetheart deal at their expense by the Mayor?

Lavallet, Brittney Forge...learn this phrase...RUN UP TIME

More developing....


George Hawthorne said...

That sounds EXACTLY like the type of corruption that mayors from across the country have been federally indicted for. The SAO will not do anything - someone needs to alert the FBI as to this circus. When you elect a "showman" that hires "clowns" - you should expect a circus.

Anonymous said...

Lets spin this a little... Why did Resicum not go to the City and ask to lease the hanger knowing it would be cheaper? Maybe something in their current lease on the space they got says they can't? Can't meet City's insurance requirements? Who know there could be numerous reasons this happened. Not saying it is right or wrong but saying this was an inside deal could a little bit of a stretch or it could be right on. Does not seem like we have all the facts and not sure how to get them all. Not sure the sublease would be public information. If I was a lawyer and was leasing to someone knowing they were basically the on game in town, I sure would do my best to write my agreement to my tenant as tight as possible to keep them there and not let them go just next door. That is just business!

Anonymous said...

Why is that everything Ashy does is corrupt & underhanded?

Basically a private citizen is sub leasing the City's property to profit when the City should not allow a sub lease and act in the best interests of the tax payers.

Does anyone pay attention?

Anonymous said...

Kerrigan is just another "Fat Cat" feeding off the taxpayer's blood like a leach. He is a pretentious hypocrite who portrays himself as the epitome of ethics. He opines regularly about how citizens and government should be accountable. Meanwhile, the puppet master is making a sweetheart deal for himself with his favorite puppet in the shade. Can you say quid pro quo? It's sad that the SAO actually goes out of their way to overlook such blatant corruption; yet, has no problem going after others for doing much less. Corruption in the Upside Down Side of Florida.

Anonymous said...

Well, maybe there would be less cynicism and doubt if the mayor actually ever did anything that appeared remotely above board. Why is everything done in the shade? Because that's what "shady" characters do. Hayward has been treating public funds like his own private business capital ever since he's been in office. In a Democratic government, I believe there's this novel ideology called "checks and balances". The problem in this city is the corrupt financial shell game that is being played where there are no checks and balances. The point here is this is just one of many examples of the crooked mayor looking out for his attorney protégé. Sometimes things are EXACTLY how they appear.