Tuesday, April 25, 2017


PNJ Article on DIB / Vinyl Parking Agreement:

"At the start of 2013, Vinyl Music Hall had a formal use agreement with the Pensacola Downtown Improvement Board to take over three meters along East Garden Street. The concert venue covered the meters with yellow bags that read "NO PARKING" on some days of events. The bags were meant to ensure the spaces remain open for performers' tour buses and other large vehicles."

Link to Article

From the City Council Agenda when Peacock was appointed in 2012

The DIB ED stated the deal with Vinyl was done "at the start of 2013".

But what appeared on the City Council Agenda at the May 23, 2013 Agenda?

Folks, how in the world is the Vinyl Agreement not self dealing when you consider the below facts:

  • Vinyl's owner was on the DIB Board when the special one of a kind parking deal was done.
  • He was an employer of the DIB director thats job depended on Board support.
  • No documentation of any Parking Committee review has been provided as required in the interlocal.
  • No documentation of the Public hearing has been provided as required in the interlocal.
  • No documentation of a DIB vote of a majority plus one has been provided as required in the interlocal..
  • Others have asked for similar deals but have been told NO by the DIB.
  • It has been proven to the DIB that in addition to the three spaces, Vinyl has illegally covered 2.5 blocks of spaces.  No consequences.
  • Even with a special agreement, Vinyl towed a legally parked car from a City street,  The DIB is aware of the incident and has done nothing.
Ethics Violation?

The DIB parking committee meets today at 4:30 at the Earle Bowden Building 

Should be interesting!


CJ Lewis said...

An interesting issue again raised by the document is that Councilman Brian Spencer was appointed to the DIB Board by "you" when you were the Council President. After voters approved the new City Charter in 2009, the City Council thought it had reviewed and updated the Code for the City of Pensacola to reflect that the new Mayor was replacing the old City Manager and that the old Mayor's position was being split with a new Council President assuming all of the Mayor's legislative powers. City Attorney Rusty Wells forget or intentionally failed to review a significant portion of the City Code known as "Related Special Acts." One part is the DIB Act. To date, the Related Special Acts still references the City Manager. Had the City Council done its job in 2009, the Florida Legislature would have been asked to amend the DIB Act during the 2010 regular session to change "Mayor" to "Council President." They did not. In mid-2011, Mayor Hayward unilaterally stripped all Council Presidents of the power to make appointments to the DIB. The irony is that Hayward did not dispute the first appointment of Spencer made under the new City Charter. As recently as Monday, I have urged one or more Council members to ask for a review of the "Related Special Acts" to conform it to the new City Charter. Once that is done, the Mayor's role will be limited to the old City Manager's role which in sum is no more than ensuring that the city's Planning Department makes an appointment to the DIB, an appointment now vacant because Hayward does not want to highlight that it is an "executive branch" appointment.

Anonymous said...

Same thing that's been going on in this city for decades. Those with the right social connections get placed on the many boards in this community with no possible search for the most competent person. The GOB system has worked well for the Levin's and their many family and social friends for decades. I'm sure Evan learned how to do this from watching his relatives before him.

Nothing and Nobody will do anything to change this situation. This is why Pensacola remains in one of the poorest counties in the state.

Anonymous said...

Of course about a million codes, laws, rules, agreements, etc have been broken. It happens every day in Escambia and the City of Pensacola.

1.) Do what you want to do, damn the rules.
2.) When you get caught, make up something or say nothing.
3.) Not to worry, no one will enforce the rule.
4.) Keep doing it and it will blow over until the next rule breaking scandal takes the light off of you.

This repeats itself all the time. There are no rules. There are no laws. There are no codes.... people do as they damn well please and nothing happens. This is Pensacola... how do you think we wound up with the Baseball Park... about a million lies, rules, codes you name it were broken and no one said a word. Heck, the how New Market Tax Credit was a ripoff of the Federal Government with a shadow government posing as a private entity.

This is Pensacola, the most corrupt place on earth. Nothing will happen... just another ripoff of the citizens will pop up and this will be forgotten.

joy kristin said...
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