Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Andrew Tallman Is Left Dumbfounded Parades off Palafox is Being Evaluated By Hayward

Andrew Tallman on AM1620 and now on FM at 92.3 tried to have the Mayor tell him my post regarding the DIB meeting and potentially moving parades off of Palafox was a "early rumor" and a "total lark nonstarter"

But the Mayor knows:

  • I have all 2.5 hours of the meeting recorded.  I know what he said.
  • He directly told his neighbor who owns a SOGO business he would look at alternative parade routes
  • He had other special snowflakes present who want the parades moved off of Palafox.

So when Tallman tried to "pin him down", the Mayor admitted that other routes were being evaluated.

He even had an alternative route planned and shared it.

So there is your "early rumor" and a "total lark nonstarter", Tallman.  Tallman tried to call it fake news...but its not fake its fact.

Apology Tallman?  Oh, your not "big" enough for that!

Finally,  the Mayor ends the interview by discussing his love of pancakes, how he wants pancakes all the time on weekends.  I couldn't help but laugh out loud because the scene below is all I could think of.


Anonymous said...


Since you listened to the recording, please verify the rumors floating around the chamber:

1)Harry Levin, VINYL MUSIC HALL is requesting the parade route be changed because the beads are breaking their neon sign. Although this should have been taken into consideration when they set up shop on an established parade route.

a-The neon sign in question had to go through the City's Design Review Board. Did the Review Board MAKE you pick a neon sign? I know plenty of Sign companies that could have mimicked" the neon features.

b-Harry could purchase Lexan, or Plexi-glass to protect the neon bulbs, thus problem solved.

2)Julia owner of SCOUT, claims lost business by having to close her shop during the parades. Julia cites parade attendees do not purchase from her and closing her business during parades hurts sales.

a-Have you seen her prices? Pensacolians shop at Target and the ones that can afford her prices don't attend parades.

b-Julia should buy inexpensive Mardi Gras t-shirts and hats for these parades. That way potential customers can see the beautiful dresses, get an idea of your prices and come back at a later date.

Business owners on Palafox have an AMAZING opportunity to showcase their business in front of thousands of customers during special events and parades. That is the reason business owners choose to pay Palafox prices. Whether or not your business is open, YOU have an opportunity to advertise your business through your store fronts, ETC.

Cooking the Goose that Laid the Golden Egg is Foolish.

Most entrepreneurs Will find a away to make the most of Mardi Gras and for the ones that want to complain.....

If you don't like the parades on Palafox, then move!
If you don't like Gallery Night on Palafox, then move!
If you don't like the Parking on Palafox, then move!
If you don't like the noise on Palafox, then move!

Cordova Mall needs more retail and the rent is about the same.

Maren, please confirm these rumors...

Iliketheparaderoute said...

Wow. I personally like the parade route. I actually discovered a new favorite restaurant because of the route. One that I wouldn't have ever went in.