Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What Do Others See About Pensacola in a Google Search?

The world Googles!  That's how we find out about people, places and things we don't know about. Yesterday Florida West hosted a Cyber Security Summit to see how we can attract Cyber Security industry to Pensacola.

So I did a little experiment.  If I am vetting a person or place I assume that all the good stuff is put out by the people or places that I am researching.

So here was my first google search...Pensacola Best for business.  My results:

  • Choose Greater Pensacola - Of course!
  • Best place to start a small business - Nerdwallet  We are the # 47 city in Florida for starting a small business.
  • Florida 2016 Opportunity Guide
  • 10 businesses Derek Cosson wants downtown
  • Trip Advisor best restaurants
  • Trip Advisor best hotels
So I refined my search to be "Is Pensacola a Good Place to live?"  My first result:
  • stated " First is lack of real jobs. You will not make a lot of money working here. While the beaches are very nice, the crime is very bad. The majority of the crime lies in the fact we have over 15 large housing projects. Pensacola is a very small area and we shouldn't have this much poverty in an area this small. We have a lot of gang activity in these areas and there is no one to counsel young people to keep them away from the streets where drugs and violence rule the day. Pensacola is the 6th most violent small city in the United States. Until we find some way to help at risk young people and find them mentors we will continue to have this problem. The county government is useless. Everyone wants to point their finger at the police for all the crime but this is a community problem. The high cost of living is ridiculous. Rents are sky high and to buy a house you'll overpay what the house is actually worth. You have rich people, lower middle class people and poverty. While the mayor of Pensacola has done a lot to bring downtown Pensacola to life, the county really needs to step up and deliver the same changes that our mayor has been able to provide. Before you decide to move here do your research. Make sure you have a good paying job before you ever think of moving to this area. This is a tourist area and that is where all the jobs lie and it's seasonal employment so great money in the summer. That means bartending, waitressing, working in a service related industry, mostly low paying retail. You get the picture. We have three large hospitals and we have a lot of older people who retire here so there is a lot of hospital jobs but they do require some form of formal education. And speaking of education the schools here are horrible. Unless you send your child to private school you might as well hang it up on your children getting a decent education.
That's the first thing that comes up!!!  And that's from a Hayward Supporter!!!!

Instead of spending millions on meetings, conferences, grant requests and such, why don't we pay Derek Cosson $5,000 to make our web presence better than the Pope's!  Evidently he knows how to manage what comes up on site searches.

No kidding!


Anonymous said...

Didn't we already try that?

Anonymous said...

Every single time I Google what should be commonly requested info, I hit a wall. We subsidize the chamber of commerce, visitor center, downtown improvement board, community redevelopment district etc. $$$$$$$ and it takes 10 minutes (a lifetime in tech time) to find 2017 Gallery Night info etc.