Tuesday, March 14, 2017

We Are Living the Goodlife In The Upside Under Hayward


The site above rates cities based on various criteria.  Here is Pensacola's report card:

  • Amenities A+
  • Cost of Living A+
  • Crime F
  • Education F
  • Employment D+
  • Housing D+
  • Weather A
  • Murder higher than Florida and National averages
  • Rape higher than Florida and National averages
  • Robbery higher than Florida and National averages
  • Assault higher than Florida and National averages
  • Violent Crime higher than Florida and National averages
  • Burglary higher than Florida and National averages
  • Theft higher than Florida and National averages
  • Vehicle theft higher than Florida and National averages
  • Property crime higher than Florida and National averages
Higher than Florida and National averages in every category.

With issues like this, lets focus on those panhandlers on Palafox some more.

Maybe some Faceytweets can make it all better?


Anonymous said...

Let's see if tweetybird will make this her "post of the day"

What is a social media post costing Pensacola tax payers a day?

$90 a day for a 20 second post. Yet the City pays a Communications Person and Marketing person in Parks and Rec to do the EXACT SAME THING!

$60,000 PIO
$45,000 Marketing Manager
$45,000 Airport Marketing Manager
$33,000 Laura Bogan Photography
$80,000 Chip Henderson


Anonymous said...

Airport - FAILURE
Sanitation - FAILURE
Engineering - FAILURE
Police Department - MAJOR FAILURE

Anonymous said...

^Anonymous 9:15, you have one glaring omission from your list

Anonymous said...

At first I thought you were blogging about Hayward's grades at FSU , but then I noticed the A's! Of course he will take full credit for the Amenities, Cost of Living and even the weather. But, he will undoubtedly blame others for the failures in Crime, Education, Employment and Housing. He's been spouting off about "economic development" and "economic engines" since his first term but has failed miserably by any measurement. If he was a "CEO" as he likes to call himself, he would have been fired long ago. I must admit; however, if you happen to be an attorney in this town, he has likely helped increase your bottom line.