Wednesday, March 1, 2017


I understand that under the management and leadership of Ashton J. Hayward III, the Pensacola Police Department has lost its accreditation with the Florida Police Accreditation Coalition.

The accreditation emblem is on every vehicle the department has.

As a now unaccredited law enforcement agency, the City may need to pull every single one of those stickers off the vehicles.

The PPD prides itself on Courtesy, Integrity and Professionalism.

I understand a lack of Courtesy to the evaluation visitor may have resulted in the loss of a key symbol of Professionalism.

While I support and respect the PPD, this kind of embarrassment is self inflicted and a waste of the time needed to correct this situation.

Has anyone told the Mayor yet?

He is not the kind of boss that shoots the messenger is he?


George Hawthorne said...


Want to bet the Mayor throws Chief Alexander "under the bus" and says that it was "his fault and that is why we changed leadership? How much do you want to bet? Nothing, I bet because we both know that this is Ashton's "style."

Anonymous said...

Ashton Hayward's campaign slogan for his next likely political run as Dog Catcher: I'm AshtonJ. Hayward, III. I have mastered the skill of exploitation. I ran the City of Pensacola like a circus replacing people with ethics, integrity and competence, with circus clowns. I have done my best to ignore the people I claim to work for; the tax payers while squandering million$.

Ashton Hayward - Promised ANY-thing to get elected 2x's; Delivered NO-thing, but took the Credit for EVERY-thing good that he had little to do with. Should already be in prison and still might go. Wouldn't that be SOME-thing?!?! I am a City of Pensacola employee and I approve this message.

Anonymous said...

It is Alexander's fault.