Thursday, March 2, 2017

Port Director Can't Go To "Next Man Up" or Can it?

Amy Miller, the current failing port director, is retiring this year I understand.

Has the City begun a national search for her replacement?  Not according to the City HR website.

What will Hayward do?  If his pathetic history of attracting new and better talent as he promised while running for office is an indication, he will appoint the "next man up" regardless of experience...unless the next man up has filed an EEO complaint against the City.  Then he just fires that guy and hires the next boot kissing guy up.

Below is the port director job description from the City HR department.

Port Director Job Description

I noted at the bottom it was changed in February 2016 for no apparent reason.  My guess is it was dumbed down to decrease the authority of the role such as hiring and firing so that HR controls all HR functions like they did at the Fire Department.

Below is the Linkedin account of the "Next Man Up" to run the Port, Clark Merritt.

Merritt was "parked" at the Port when he was found to be "lacking" in his former role at City Hall.

In his role at the Port he is responsible for "Economic Development",  Based on the pathetic activity at the Port, he must be an intricate part of the failure that IS the current Port of Pensacola.

Next Man Up?  I thought you wanted the best for Pensacola, Mr. Mayor?


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Anonymous said...

Now that you've pointed out Merritt's glaring deficiencies, Hayward's history of making horrific decisions on staff says he's indeed the "next man up". You would think that by now Hayward would have figured this Mayor thing out by now...Maybe hire someone who is component and can actually do their job. But nooooo, we can't have that now can we.